Tuesday Realization

Originally, I had intended to begin today’s post by offering my opinion/lament that real political choice in America has all but disappeared, etc. Many would argue with that assertion saying the difference between drumpism and socialism could not be more stark. I would say that if those are our only two choices, then we have no choices. I guess I did write what I had intended, after all.


What do you think of this car?


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From the appropriately named Lexus Enthusiast comes this picture of a Lexus RC. This car is now on the radar screen as a candidate to be the Grocery Car/Taxi/Corvette Companion.

I have been trying to avoid “Been There, Done That” for this car and my wonderful wife has owned two Lexus cars. While the second one, an IS 250 C, was a disappointment, she really liked her first one, an SC 430.

Her first Lexus never gave her a day of trouble in the six years she owned it. It had plenty of power and a great ride. I think we could probably do a lot worse than an RC. By the way, I think the exterior styling of these cars is quite sharp.

The problem is that the least expensive of these are really just beyond what we want to spend for a car that is not likely to be driven more than 1,500-2,000 miles a year. Even non-F versions are usually in the low 30s, although examples without too many miles are occasionally offered in the mid to high 20s.

Those cars whose asking price begins with a “2” are almost always powered by a 2-liter/122 cubic-inch turbocharged inline 4-cylinder engine that produces 242 HP/258 LB-FT. With rear legroom of less than 30 inches I don’t know how usable the rear seats are. The trunk has a very similar volume to that of the Cadillac ATS, which upon inspection seemed large enough to be practical. I guess we’ll have to test drive an RC. Oh darn…

Not having enough real choices is not optimal and neither is having too many.







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8 thoughts on “Tuesday Realization

  1. I’ve always liked the styling of the Lexus automobile, but have opted instead for the Avalon Limited which I consider to be a “poor man’s Lexus.” Unfortunately Avalon isn’t available in a 2-door coupe, but the Touring model would, I think be a worthy option for a 4-door “sporty” version.


    1. Many thanks, JS. For me, and this is just my opinion/preference, very few 4-door cars can be called sporty. I have always, and I suspect I will always, preferred 2-door cars. I don’t know if they appeal to my subconscious mind as the real way to freedom or if I just have an intrinsic preference for their styling.

      Why do any of us like/dislike the things we do?

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      1. Indeed. Preference is why automakers have both models. I am sorry to see at least one major manufacturer all but eliminate the sedan for the higher profit of the SUV and, unnecessary for me, pickup truck.


  2. I always quite liked the SC 430. Some may have felt it bulbous, but I actually thought it had something of an elegantly muscular look.
    It took some time for me to warm up to the current Lexus design language. I just didn’t immediately like that angular front end. Now I find it attractive, but also I think it’s one of the more distinctive looks among the current cars. I’ve never had a Lexus but it’s likely a very decent choice. Good luck!


    1. Thanks, Mark. My wonderful wife loved her SC 430. Although in the end, trading it in for the IS 250 C worked out because the 25 months she owned the latter allowed her to buy a new C7 Corvette instead of a C6, she didn’t like the IS 250 C at all.


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