An Extraordinarily Significant Day

I do not like to reinvent the wheel, so I ask that you please read It Was The Best Of Days, It Was The Worst Of Days that I published on this day last year. Thanks.



7 thoughts on “An Extraordinarily Significant Day

      1. I guess I was thinking it’s a bad day for you and it was a bad day for a lot of people, I guess… free associative mind working there. I never really had too much problem with Nixon, actually kind of liked him.. and, compared to today, he was a boy scout.


  1. In your previous post, which you linked, you express an affection for Pontiac. This make has a similar connection to my family. The first car I remember was a 1950 Pontiac Chieftain with the straight 8. My dad drove it out in 1951 from Michigan to Arizona when he took his new job here. Mom, sister and I flew later. Later we had a 1959 Pontiac Catalina. My son-in-law owns, daily drives and modifies his Pontiac Solstice. One of my hot rod hero’s is Mickey Thompson who famously raced their V-8 engines in a variety of vehicles, the most famous was the Challenger I land speed record car with four Pontiac V-8s.


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