What Can I Say?

“We have a word for everything except for what we really think and feel.”

– Saul Bellow


My words are inconsequential, but I just had to comment on today’s events in Washington, DC. Tonald Drump is a disgrace to this country and to its highest office. He acts like a petulant child who wants to break the toys that have been taken away.

As regular readers know, I am no fan of the policy and ideology of the Democratic Party. I think the Antifa protests are very dangerous and are just as disrespectful of this country’s processes and institutions as the protests/riots of today. HOWEVER, Antifa is not incited by the President Of The United States.

I am angry, dismayed, heartbroken and, right now, thinking that the dissolution of which I keep writing may indeed occur in my lifetime. Politics in this country have become nothing except about the demonization of those with whom you disagree. That is a manifestation of the “Me Me” culture, stoked by both sides in an effort to gain power.

Today’s events show the danger of blindly following any ideology, of being a part of any cult of personality. I sincerely fear that events like today’s will become more frequent.








3 thoughts on “What Can I Say?

  1. We would do well to remember the words of Teddy Roosevelt: “Character, in the long run, is the decisive factor in the life of an individual and of nations alike.” This begins with each of us.

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    1. Thanks for sharing, sir.

      Teddy Roosevelt would have been inconceivable to today’s blind partisans. He was a reformer who broke up monopolies and pushed for conservation, but he was also a proponent of a strong military and of industrial innovation. Try labeling that combination of positions using today’s ultra-partisan American political paradigm.

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      1. No label needed. I’m very limited on touching these types of subjects for that reason and reserve most of those discussions. Similarly, as a millennial quoting Patton, “if everyone’s thinking alike, someone isn’t thinking.”

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