Of Viruses And Vitriol

Good Riddance, 2020! Good riddance to a year when both a virus and an election cycle highlighted and exacerbated the social and political polarization of the United States. As I have written here often, I believe that polarization is now intractable and the only solution is dissolution.

Good Riddance, 2020! I will not miss a year in which so many people in my former industry of employment–professional sports–have died, including many I knew personally.

While in one way–the move to the desert–this year has been good for me and my wonderful wife, 2020 can only be described as a year of calamity. Another like it in 2021 and…I don’t even want to finish that thought.

I offer a most fervent wish for a happier, healthier, calmer and safer 2021.


I hope this picture shows as intended:



Well, I guess the photo is not sharp enough to convey what I saw with my eyes. In fact, the picture almost looks like a painting. The full (or near full) moon illuminated the mountain that sits not far to the north of our house. Oh well, let me show some more:



My wonderful wife took those two photos. It does rain in the desert, but that rain can lead to some amazing panoramas.


Except for “Joe Walsh’s” tongue-in-cheek endorsement of the Maserati (Life’s Been Good, not this year), every reader who offered an opinion favored this car as the one we should buy:



As I wrote yesterday, I think this car (a Cadillac ATS coupe) is in the lead at present. Thanks to everyone for reading and to those who offered opinions on the subject. The post drew quite a lot of views.

My wonderful wife and I kept saying “Next Year” as to the time frame of the car purchase. Well, tomorrow is next year. That’s not to say we’re going to buy a car next week, but I will not be surprised if we buy the car by mid-February.


Thanks to all of you who read the blog on a regular basis and to those who send so many thoughtful comments. Stay safe, be well and Happy New Year.







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4 thoughts on “Of Viruses And Vitriol

  1. It does rain in the desert, as I have been soaked to the skin on many an occasion over the last 60+ years. Usually when it rains it is off in the distance and not at your location..

    Referring back to my comment of yesterday, yes the Arizona Highway Patrol does own four 2020 Dodge Chargers purchased in January 2020. Be aware they also own and use numerous unmarked patrol cars as well. The freeways are their jurisdiction, even within the city limits of the various cities. Since the freeways in Arizona span numerous cities, it simplifies things for the Highway Patrol to police them.

    Happy New Year to you and your lovely wife! We are staying in and dining on King Crab legs and home made potato salad with champagne. Stay Safe!


  2. Welcome to the desert! I love that opening night shot! Very nice.
    The Sonoran Desert is the wettest desert in the world. That rainfall each year is what allows the mighty saguaro to survive in the only place it is found in the world.
    Here’s to a safe and happy 2021 for you and your wonderful wife!


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