Tick Tock Two

Down to 65 hours until the end of 2020…

Yet another person in the sports world with whom I worked has died in 2020. Bob Brown, who was the Public Relations Director for the Baltimore Orioles for 35 years–including while I worked for the team–died on Sunday the 27th.

Brown and I did not work together, per se, as I worked in Baseball Operations and not Public Relations, but I did assist his department in putting together the minor league players section of the team’s annual Media Guide. He had a reputation for having a temper, but I seldom saw that side of him and he treated me cordially, even if he didn’t quite understand what I was doing for the team.


“And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.”

– John Donne


Even though I managed a post of normal length yesterday, it was the Corvette anniversary that bailed me out. I am still at a loss for topics about which to write.

Although December has already set “records” for most views and visitors in a month, those metrics have tailed off in the last week. Which came first, my running out of ideas or the decline in blog views? Well, at least I can keep showing these:



Stay safe and be well.






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8 thoughts on “Tick Tock Two

  1. I have a favorite Bob Brown story. I was working for him in 1990 and we were formatting the minor league section you mentioned for the media guide. The team hired a former player as a coach for the minor leagues that year. I was gathering information for all the minor league coaches. Prior to that, Mr. Brown, as I called him, asked me to make copies of any other team who had a minor league section in their Media Guide. While doing that I found a Junior for the aforementioned coach. He also had a son I knew from high school and a daughter. I went to Mr. Brown and said, this coach has a son born about the same time as these other children. I didn’t know about the other son. It had become confusing. He responded, let’s keep the family part out of his Bio. To put it kindly, he couldn’t keep it in his pants.


    1. Thanks for sharing, “BB.” I know the identity of the player of whom you wrote, but even though he is no longer among the living, I shall not divulge his name.

      Happy New Year, stay safe and be well.


  2. I am sure your drop in views/visitors is at least partially due to the holidays. I know I am not as reliable in reading this last couple of weeks. As winter sets in, I know I get more devoted to reading, even though here in AZ, there is not really much to winter. >grin<


  3. I agree with photobyjohnbo that the drop in readers is probably due to the holidays. I have been preoccupied with other matters, so my commenting has been limited.

    I have been spending my holiday hours searching for a suitable chess set to use on my “antique” chess board. The board is one I made in high school wood shop class. My brother “saved” it from my parents house while I was in the Air Force. He returned it to me a year or two ago on a visit here. I am planning on making a table in which to set the board. Chess pieces are easy enough to acquire online, once you have waded through the myriad of choices. I have finally narrowed my choices. Such a task.

    From your office view picture you posted, I should note one point of information for a family recently moved to Arizona. Your house backs up on a wash and therefore, it will run pretty heavily during a heavy rainstorm. The rain doesn’t have to be falling at your house for it to run, just at the upper reaches of the wash to the East.


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