Liquid Fire

I hope all of you that celebrated yesterday had a most pleasant day. Even if you didn’t celebrate, I hope you had a good day.


As I texted to my friend Eileen, the following photo has not been altered in any way, shape or form:



That type of intense orange/yellow can be seen here at sunrise and sunset. One time while driving around here during early evening the phrase “liquid fire” popped into my head as a way to describe the color. More photos:



That photo has also not be altered.



Sorry if I have turned Disaffected Musings into a photo journal. Well, I’m really not sorry and I really haven’t changed the fundamental nature of this blog.



I took this photo after our holiday meal. Unfortunately, I hesitated to take the picture and as a result the person on the right obscures the view of the awesome rear haunch on the Aston. The Aston and the Maserati behind were two of about 15 cars parked in front of the resort entrance; one of the others was a Bentley convertible. Once again, in terms of cars this is a different world compared to our previous state of residence in the mid-Atlantic. I even see these, one of my idiosyncratic favorites, on a fairly regular basis:


See the source image


From Consumer Guide Auto a picture of a Buick Reatta. On the drive during which a couple of the photos shown earlier were taken, we saw two or three Reattas. Of course, we saw at least five Ferraris.

You can boo me or sue me, but I think these cars are just gorgeous. Of course, regular readers of Disaffected Musings know that all too well. I wonder if you could drop a Grand National or GNX motor into one of these. The slope of the hood might make that very difficult or impossible.

So many cars just one life, indeed.








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