Monday Musings 62

Although I am feeling a little “off” this morning, I did receive some good health news on Friday. My Hemoglobin A1C reading still starts with a 6.

I have been diabetic for more than 20 years. The A1C test is an ingenious use of blood chemistry that measures a person’s average blood sugar level over the last 90 days. Readings of 7.0 or higher are deemed to be “sub-optimal.”

The fact that my level was measured in the “sixes” is kind of amazing. Given the blood draw was last week, the testing “period” began in mid-September. I was under enormous stress at that time, stress that continued until about a week after we moved into our house the second week in November.

Under stress the human body (usually) produces cortisol, which is really a steroid. Steroids raise blood sugar levels. Add the long period of stress to the lack of access to my treadmill to the less than careful way I ate the first 2-3 weeks after the move and I was sure my A1C level would be the worst of my life, something around 7.5.

Let me back up: I have had only two readings above 7.0 in my life. The first was a 7.4 in 2010, after which I began the running regimen that I still follow today. The second was a 7.1 in 2018 that came after an ice cream binge period.

Anyway…for a diabetic their A1C level is often as important a number as their net worth. I can stop worrying…at least for awhile.


Please indulge me, some more photos:



I played a little fast and loose with the photos. The top one with the sign about “The Most Beautiful Desert In The World” was not taken where the subsequent photos are from.


Today, of course, is the first day of Astronomical Winter in the Northern Hemisphere. This is also the day with the least amount of daylight. Where we live, “sunrise” today is at 7:28 AM and “sunset” is at 5:23 PM.

As I have become an early riser, this time of year is not my favorite. I don’t see well enough to drive without worry in the dark so I am unable to take my Z06 out when I wake up. However, by Memorial Day “sunrise” is about 5:20 AM. Maybe I won’t have to limit myself to one Solstice Drive. No, I don’t mean driving one of these:



See the source image


From RM Sotheby’s a picture of a Pontiac Solstice.








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6 thoughts on “Monday Musings 62

  1. Many years ago I started a personal ritual of taking a motorcycle ride on both the “shortest” and “longest” days each year. Sometimes the weather was less than optimal and I would skip one or the other. As today will be in the low 60’s, it’s time for a ride. I’ll be heading out in a couple hours or so, and see about stopping at one of my favorite restaurants for a bite to eat.

    Laissez les bons temps rouler


  2. Going out tonight at sunset to observe the Saturn, Jupiter conjunction using binoculars.

    The Solstice should be black, which is the color of my son-in-law’s car.


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