A Or B, Wow Or Wow Edition

Thanks to all of those readers who read the blog late in the day yesterday. I suspect searches for Cristy Lee while the Season 7 Finale of Garage Squad was airing played a large role in the surge of views and the timing.


No Kei cars today…


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From Kelways Village a picture of a 2020 Ford GT. This example is, of course, from the third generation of Ford GT.

For 2020, the engine output has been tweaked up to 660 HP from the original 647. Remember that these cars are powered by a V-6 engine. I think they are a marvel of engineering and have heard that in regular traffic they are surprisingly docile. However, on the track or just with your foot on the throttle they are a beast.

The base price for one of these is more than $500,000. The limited-edition Liquid Carbon variant is about $750,000.


OK, what car can compete with the Ford GT? How about this?


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From Car Express UK a picture of the recently introduced McLaren 765 LT. As the name might suggest, only 765 of these will be produced and, supposedly, all of those have already been sold. The LT stands for “Long Tail.”

The 765 LT is powered by a “tuned” version of the 4-liter V-8 that McLaren has been using. For this model, the engine will produce 755 HP/590 LB-FT of torque.

The 765 LT is priced at about $360,000, if you can find one to buy. Do you care that both the Ford GT and the McLaren 765 LT use titanium exhaust systems?

I hope this is a tough choice, good people. 2020 Ford GT or McLaren 765 LT, please.








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9 thoughts on “A Or B, Wow Or Wow Edition

  1. Ford. After seeing Tyler Hoovie’s experience with a McLaren, I’d rather get a rigid colonoscopy versus owning a Mc.


  2. Good morning. You picked 2 wonderful cars. I like and admire both of them. If I had to choose one it would be the Ford GT, I think you would understand. I believe Santa is leaving one under the tree this year!


  3. Both come from such a racing heritage, and I do enjoy that sense of history.
    It might be the angle of the picture, but the McLaren looks like a little too snub-nosed. I’ll take the Ford GT. Despite my traditionalist tendencies I’m kind of intrigued by the V6 and the unusual catwalk/flying buttress design in the rear.

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  4. Kind of like trying to pick which of your children you like better.

    Tough choice. I prefer domestic iron, but I also prefer a V-8.

    In this case the edge goes to the V-8 by a hair.

    McLaren 765 LT

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  5. My redneck tendencies are showing as I am not a fan of them thar “furrin” cars. Besides, I’m a Ford guy so the Ford GT wins out. I read the book “Go Like Hell” about the Ford vs. Ferrari battle of the 1960’s so more fodder for the Ford GT. I know where you can go see and touch a real GT-40 in Mesa.

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