Rainy Day In The Desert

Well, I guess moving to the desert won’t stop my nightmares. Although, fortunately, I don’t really remember it, I had a nightmare bad enough that I made sufficient noise to wake my wonderful wife. She, in turn, woke me.

As I have written here many times, I am plagued by nightmares. I am sleeping better since we moved, but I have to accept that the nightmares will never stop.


Although we have had a couple of periods of rain since moving into our house almost five weeks ago (!), yesterday was the first measurable rain at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport in 16 weeks. We live 30-35 miles north of the airport. What can rain do to the scenery? Glad you asked:



I had other shots where the top of the mountain was even more obscured, but the picture was almost indecipherable. Here is basically the same perspective not much later.



I used the rain to wash my Z06, which had grown quite dusty since it was last washed in November. I simply pulled the car out of the garage, sat in the driveway for 8-10 minutes and let the rain hit the car. Then, I drove back into the garage and dried the car with a couple of microfiber towels. The car looks much better; no, I didn’t take any post-wash pictures.


This CNBC story reports that the FDA will “quickly” approve the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID vaccine for emergency use. The FDA’s comments come after Thursday’s vote by the agency’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (17 to 4 with one abstention) to recommend the vaccine.

While sitting in the driveway yesterday I met one of our next-door neighbors. He was a pleasant fellow and is a former college professor. Disturbingly to me though, he said he will never be vaccinated.

If the vaccines are really 90% effective, then two-thirds of the population will still have to be vaccinated in order to reach 60% immunity. That level is what many epidemiologists say is the key to halting the spread of the virus. Yes, apparently 5%+ of the population has already been infected. Better some margin for error exists than not.

I really can’t understand how people have opinions that are not connected to facts, but that is the human condition, I guess. My wonderful wife and I will be vaccinated ASAP.


Of the 45 Ferraris available for sale on AutoTrader within 50 miles of our zip code, how many were listed for less than $100,000? The answer is five, which included one of these, one of my wonderful wife’s favorites:


See the source image


From renderosity, a picture of a Ferrari California. The AutoTrader example is a 2011 model also in Silver. That car, with about 22,000 miles, is listed for $94,945.

The California is the most successful model in Ferrari history with about 18,000 sold. For 70% of California buyers it was their first Ferrari. Will one of these be my wonderful wife’s first Ferrari? One never knows…









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3 thoughts on “Rainy Day In The Desert

  1. To paraphrase a line from the movie “Boomerang,” “That must be a Ferrari California, because I’m drooling…”


  2. The rain spoiled our hike on Thursday, so our club is headed out this morning. Easy to moderate 5-miler in White Tank Mountain Regional Park.

    You have a nice view of the mountains from your neighborhood. Love the shot with the sun illuminating the peaks.


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