Amen To Musk!

I am not part of the cult of personality that surrounds Elon Musk. However, I had to post a link to this CNBC story–even though I have “already” posted today–because I wholeheartedly agree with his opinion. He believes that the problem with corporate America is that it has TOO MANY MBAs.

I have railed in this blog against the hyper-credentialism that has taken over America. Too many people cannot or will not think outside the box for solutions. The next person in job x does not have to be an exact clone of the last person in that job.

Of course, this plague has had a profound effect on me as I know it has kept me from finding an interesting and fulfilling work situation. I know that the structural and institutional barriers that keep me from being more productive are most formidable. However, a very small part of me still hopes those arbitrary and wasteful barriers can be overcome.