Monday Musings 60

It will probably be a short post today as ever since lunch yesterday, my GI tract has been extremely upset. Hope the wild mushrooms in my pasta dish were not too wild.


If you don’t know that on this day in 1941 Japan attacked the US Naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, then you must have flunked history class…several times. Father Time is undefeated and soon no survivors of the attack or among those who served in World War II will remain. Many others are far more qualified than I to discuss details of the attack. Suffice to say that Japan awakened a “Sleeping Giant” and, as a result, sowed the seeds for its eventual defeat in the war. Japanese Admiral Hara Tadaichi remarked, “We won a great tactical victory at Pearl Harbor and thereby lost the war.”

I have never been to Hawaii; from our new “home” airport it’s about a 7-hour flight to Honolulu, nonstop, which is at my limit for length of flight before I want to get a parachute and jump. Maybe we will visit Pearl Harbor someday, but that trip is far from a certainty. That I may never visit is, of course, no affront to the brave people who served there.


So, recent model convertibles with four seats and a decent-sized trunk are not common, especially if one only wishes to spend a modest amount. Even at a higher than modest amount, such cars are not readily available. I understand as convertibles are not often viewed or used as “practical” cars.

Obviously, we don’t have to buy a convertible, but we are not buying a sedan or SUV. Life is too much of a compromise already or, as I used to say all the time, life is too short to be unhappy on purpose. The Cascada looks better to us every day.


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5 thoughts on “Monday Musings 60

  1. My wife was sent to Hawaii for government business and I tagged along. Coming from the east coast the travel was very tough, open air buildings meant you sweat while you eat and the time change had us asleep by 8:30 every night. A nice one time trip, but there are great locations closer. That being said, the highlight for me was Pearl Harbor. They had a great movie about the attack before going to the memorial for the Arizona. It was really quite moving. It was something I always wanted to see, and something I will never forget.


    1. Thanks for sharing, “BB.”

      I just hope that people can safely resume travel for leisure in the very near future. While I don’t think this will happen, I am hoping that my wonderful wife and I can be vaccinated before the Mecum auction in Glendale, Arizona in mid-March. We are not going to attend unless we’re vaccinated. The probability that happens is far less than 50%, but it’s not zero. Yes, I know we live in the metro Phoenix area…


  2. We’ve had the opportunity to visit our 50th state twice. Our first trip was scheduled to fly from Fargo to Salt Lake City to Honolulu. At the last minute, the first leg was canceled and we were rerouted to Chicago. That’s right, we had to fly 600 miles east so we could fly those 600 miles again (more or less.) Time to spare, travel by air.

    I think I mentioned I’ve only seen one Cascada convertible in person, in the parking lot at the fitness center in Goodyear. I was so struck by its lines, I had to look it up online as I’d never heard of the line before.


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