Happy Thanksgiving…

I wasn’t going to post today. I’m not “blaming” this post on OCD so much as on a desire to make up for lost time given the two hiatuses (March, October-November) and the fact that days with posts have more views and visitors than days without.

I am thankful for my wonderful wife and for my small circle of real family and friends. I am thankful that we have moved to the desert. I am also thankful that (he wrote hoping not to jinx anything) we have no financial worries.

Some photos:



The paradox of choice…now that we’re in the desert we are going to buy a car in the next 2-3 months. Even though its cargo area is not small, my Z06 is not an optimal grocery car. Besides, we are hoping to have visitors and can’t get three or four people in a Corvette.

The problem is that because of the plethora of choices and my own OCD- and ADD-addled brain I just can’t decide what car to buy. The short garage would seemingly rule out a car like a 2000-02 Cadillac Eldorado, but this is Arizona where the car could be parked on the driveway. Many of our neighbors do that.

Do we want to buy another convertible? Do we want a more modern, as in more serviceable, car from around 2015? The list of questions is seemingly endless as is my droning about this choice.

Remember that this odyssey started a long time ago with a focus on cars like this:



The top picture is a 1965 Buick Riviera while the bottom is a 1964 Studebaker GranTurismo Hawk. For many reasons, neither car would be a practical choice in any way, shape or form. Still…

Happy Thanksgiving!






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14 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving…

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours as well! Hope your day is blessed and I hope that your move brings new perspective and new opportunities! A year and a half ago, Bonnie and I moved only 10 miles south from the town I grew up in, still in LSD, but I know the change has done me a world of good…. of course, we’re on the water now and that helps…

    As far as a grocery getter… I love my Tahoe… we used to have a Suburban that seated 8 and we sometimes filled it up, but, these days the Tahoe suits me fine. The size difference doesn’t appear all that significant, but it’s a noticeable improvement for the driver… the Tahoe still has plenty of space and I sometimes even use it as a pickup truck. And, it’s relatively quick… not a Vette, but not slow (one could always swap an LS3, or, better yet, an LT5!!). Bought it 2 years old, still in warranty for half the cost of a new one… it’s a Z71 (off road package) and it’s black… all I need now is a light bar on top to make sure the slower traffic keeps right.


      1. Actually, I wasn’t sure about you and SUVs but I kind of assumed that… I’m sure you’ve mentioned it, but I missed it… and, I was always into fast, little cars, so, it was a stretch for me at first… I started with a new ’97, two door Blazer, V6, 5 speed. I bought it new and preferred the manual to preserve my sports car roots… prior vehicle had been a Supra Turbo (ironically, it was auto). I remember the sales person looking at me funny when I said I wanted manual and it took them a while to find one in the dealer network. I had been a single dad, just my young son and me but then we got married and Bon had her son, so, family of four + Supra = disharmony… BTW, speaking of SUVs… we just sold Bonnie’s CR-V, a 2004 we bought new.. 85K miles… that was a beautiful piece of workmanship… we had it detailed before selling it it could have passed for new, got top dollar for it and the guy was happy, he’d owned two before… amazingly tight after 85K and then I met a guy with a 2002 model with over 200K on it and he said his was still tight as the day he got it. Compared to a friend’s 2016 Land Rover Evoque with low miles that drove like a boat and almost didn’t seem as quick… when she got the CR-V, our interest in that type of vehicle had been piqued by a friend’s Hyundai Santa Fe… we test drove a brand new one, 2004… It felt like it might roll right over in a 25 mph turn… horrible vehicle… anyway, I digress…. and, I ramble.. Happy Thanksgiving…


  2. BTW, there’s ’57 BMW 507 for sale on BAT… 11 days left, sitting at a cool million right now… don’t know how well it would haul groceries, though… and, that’s a car I never knew about until you introduced me to it back in college…


  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your lovely wife and her parents as well. We are having a dinner with my daughter and son-in-law and grand children since we are basically a family unit seeing each other virtually every day. Our son and his family are not coming down from Mesa as my daughter-in-law teaches at Mesa High School and her exposure to the students makes it not wise for us to visit with them.

    You will get there with the choice of a grocery getter. There are some year GM cars which have a systemic problem in that they routed a large electrical load through the column mounted ignition switch. Our 1995 Buick Riviera had this problem as the switch was prone to failure. I will do some research and find out which years were effected. I believe your choice of years makes it less likely to have this problem. Systemic problems usually do not show up until the cars start to age.


    1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I suspect we’ll see you soon enough.

      Thanks for the info and for your offer to help. I am the one, however, who needs to simply make a decision. Granted, my wonderful wife will have some input. Sometimes, being analytical is not good as it enables a person to see all of the sides of an issue, but not be able to see the “right” side. That’s my burden.


  4. Hoping you and yours have a pleasant Thanksgiving day. Due to the Chinese Lung Crud, our family get together (myself and my dad) has been canceled, mainly due to his desire to NOT risk any exposure. That, and the fact that his favorite restaurant for Thanksgiving went Tango Uniform a few months back.

    3 years ago I had to miss it, due to flying into Phoenix that day for the work project I have mentioned before. Myself and the crew ended up at some restaurant (it was so good the name escapes me, a chain, kind of a SW style of a Ruby Tuesday type). I skipped the turkey and mashed taters, think I had some type of SW style chicken instead. Today? Maybe a turkey sandwich later today. Or maybe a pizza. 🙂


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