Monday Musings 59


Note the notification on top that I received yesterday. Thanks to everyone who read Disaffected Musings and please keep reading.

The first time I received the word that my “stats are booming” was the day that Bill James tweeted the main link to the blog in April, 2019. Yesterday’s notification was only the third or fourth time I have received that news in the nearly three years this blog has existed. Oh, Bill…please feel free to tweet the main link to the blog or to any specific post anytime you want. 🙂

Thanks again.


Although most search terms are hidden I suspect that, once again, much of yesterday’s traffic was the result of people searching for Cristy Lee news. Oh, it’s Cristy and not Christy.

While I don’t want this blog to be a one-stop shop for Cristy Lee news, she is fairly active on “social media” and you can follow her there, I am grateful for any new readers and hope that they will read the blog even given she is not mentioned the vast majority of the time.


Although I have shown pictures of my Corvettes here, I don’t think I’ve shown all three in the same post…until now:



The top photo is of my current Vette, a 2016 Z06 that I purchased (with the help of my wonderful wife) in March, 2019. I have driven it a little over 4,000 miles in the 20-ish months I have owned it.

The middle photo is my 2007 Vette, the only one of the three that I purchased new. I bought the car in February, 2007 and sold it in October, 2010 when I lost my business and thought I needed to raise cash. I think I drove the car about 14,000 miles in the roughly 44 months I owned it.

The bottom photo is my 2002 Corvette that I bought in March, 2004. I nearly died in February, 2004 and that experience, along with the death of my mother in January, pushed me into buying the car as I have had much interest in Corvettes for a long time. I decided to buy a used one because if I didn’t really like driving the car then I wouldn’t have paid the price for a new one and suffered the depreciation. Obviously, I really liked driving a Corvette as I traded it in on a new one after driving the ’02 approximately 12,000 miles in 35 months.

Doing the math: I have driven these cars about 30,000 miles in 99 months of ownership. That’s not exactly a lot of driving and I do feel as though I have missed out on some of the potential enjoyment of these cars. I suspect I will drive my Z06 more in the desert than I did in the mid-Atlantic, but the car will never remotely approach 1,000 miles a month.

Long live the Corvette!








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11 thoughts on “Monday Musings 59

  1. It is interesting that many enthusiasts don’t drive as much as one would think. My neighbor has a Malibu and a MB, and he only drives his Benz on weekends and not to his job an hour plus each way to work. I somehow left the garage door up overnight and the in garage camera caught him leaving at 3:45 am. I too would have a “beater” daily driver, but I would drive my desired car more. Not a criticism of my dear friend, but too many people pamper their cars. The lucky ducks who have a few sweet rides that they can cycle them like underwear have it best: if it’s Monday, Maserati, Tuesday, Porsche, Wednesday Corvette, Thursday Ferrari, Friday F150, Saturday Eldorado Convertible, and on Sunday we rest. Haha! Different strokes for different folks.


    1. Thanks, DB. Love the sentence about collector car “underwear.”

      Yes, “collector” cars, however one defines them, are not usually driven that much. That’s why the criticism from smug, self-righteous, arrogant zealots really makes me angry.


  2. I saw your “blog magnet” Cristy Lee on an episode of Garage Squad yesterday on Motortrend TV.

    My previous to last commute to a job other than me being self-employed was to the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station. The commute was 72 miles one way from my drive way in Mesa to the parking lot at the plant. I used my Honda Civic station wagon 1983 vintage and later my 1994 Ford Ranger extended cab pickup.


  3. I know of course that each generation of Corvette incorporates a great deal of improvement over the last. But I wanted your opinion, seeing as you’ve enjoyed C5, C6 and C7, which one do you think you enjoyed best? Could be whatever reason… purely the tech aspects of the car, could be sentimental, just whichever you loved most.


    1. Thanks for asking, sir.

      Each one was special in its own way. The ‘02 was my entry into the Corvette world and driving it was a revelation.

      The ‘07 was my first (and so far only) new Vette. The car was similar to the ‘02, but a little more refined and it handled better.

      The ‘16 Z06 is a beast and is my favorite of the three although the front spoiler makes it very difficult to get the car off our new driveway onto the street.

      Think about the Z06…out of the box it did a sub 3 second 0-60, high 10s in the quarter mile AND will pull 1.2g on a skidpad. It is very comfortable inside and with the suspension in Touring mode it’s not a rough ride. Of course, with the 50-60 extra HP and 60-70 extra LB-FT after the intake and exhaust mods, the car is almost insane…and I love it.

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    1. Thanks, sir. I wonder if I was just “fulfilling” my father’s wish. He wanted to buy a ‘65 Vette convertible, but with five in the family at that time—and one of the only times he ever acted with prudence—he realized a two-seater was not a good idea. He bought a Cadillac convertible, instead.

      I often wonder what my father would have thought of my Corvettes and of my life.

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      1. Interesting you mention what your father might have thought. That same notion runs through my mind. I was still in high school when he passed on, and at that time, I didn’t even know how I was going to turn out. >grin<

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