Serpentine Saturday

Should I be worried that the manufacturer of one of my prescriptions is on an FDA recall list for the same drug, but in a different dose? Our new pharmacy filled our prescriptions for the first time and one of the meds I take has been in the news over a recall for high levels of NDMA, which is supposed to be a cancer-causing agent in people. Our new pharmacy dispenses the drug, a generic, from a different manufacturer than our previous pharmacy.

In 2018, this drug was the third most-prescribed in the US with an estimated 83.8 million prescriptions. Some people have 12 scripts per year and others only have 4 so the actual number of people on the drug is not easy to estimate, but obviously it’s in the millions.

We really are at the mercy of many people and companies who are unknown to us. How many of you have heard of Apotex Pharmaceuticals, the company at the center of this recall? (They are not the manufacturer of my prescription.) How many of you check the name of the manufacturer of your prescriptions?


From this Corvette Blogger piece comes the news that a lawsuit against General Motors over cracked wheels on C7 Corvette Z06s and Grand Sports has been dismissed. Of course, I own a C7 Z06.

Since becoming aware of this lawsuit I have been extra careful in trying to avoid manhole covers, of which there seem to be many in Arizona, and in slowing down while crossing over railroad tracks. Of course, the wheels of my Z06 are the one design feature of which I am not completely enamored. I really like the split five-spoke design of my wonderful wife’s 2018 Z51 convertible:



I don’t want to have to spend the thousands of dollars it would take to replace my wheels, at least not now, but if my wheels were to crack I would probably not replace them with factory wheels, anyway. In case you need to refresh your memory:



I don’t dislike those wheels, but I prefer a simpler design. You know, less is more.


Here is a picture I took just a couple of minutes ago. It would be better if it weren’t for the fact that I took it on the “wrong” side of the screen of my office window:



On one level, the distortion caused by the screen adds an interesting perspective. On another level, what I just wrote is full of sh*t. It is interesting to me that for the camera the screen is more prominent than it was for me.








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6 thoughts on “Serpentine Saturday

  1. In the right place, screens can make for some interesting photos. At night, with lights in the photo, the screen can create some interesting star-like effects in an image.

    One other thing I’ve noticed is that even those large mesh screens that protect fans from errant foul balls at baseball games can all but disappear for those sitting closer to the screen. Cameras that have the ability to focus at distances far from the screen are even better at making the screens disappear.


  2. Apotex is (I’m pretty sure) the largest Canadian-based pharma company. It has some added notoriety now because company founder Barry Sherman and his wife Honey were found dead in the mansion they were selling in December 2017. I’m still not clear on it but something about leather belts around their necks hanging by the pool in the home. The case is still under investigation.
    As a light snow starts falling here I admit to being envious of the scenes you’ve photographed, screens not withstanding.


    1. Thanks for the information. This link provides some information about the Sherman murders.

      Until my early or mid 50s, I loved winter and part of that was watching the snow fall. In what seemed to be the time between the end of one winter and the beginning of the next, I lost my taste for the season. Please don’t be envious, though. When it’s 110° (43° C) here in July I don’t think you’d want to be here.

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      1. The Sherman murders have faded a little from the headlines. Early on there was speculation about a will and a nephew or cousin being involved. Which I guess, given the money they had and all that, speculation runs rampant. The family has been quite critical of the police investigation, again not surprising.

        I must admit as I’m in my early 50s, I feel the same way. I’m a proud Canadian, and maybe it goes against the stereotype, but I find myself tiring of driving in snow, and dealing with it from November thru March. You are correct though that I’m not sure how much I’d love the 100+ days


      2. Right now, of course, my wonderful wife and I are really enjoying the weather here. Having lived most of my life in the mid-Atlantic, it is a wonderful change of pace to be able to dine outside in mid-to-late November. Oh, I will not dine inside again until I’m vaccinated against COVID-19. Hopefully, that will happen in the first half of next year.

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