Patting Myself On The Back and Getting Angry

This revelation will not make me seem very modest…if it’s a battle between modesty and honesty, honesty wins every time for me.


In the last two weeks before we moved, two friends and now former neighbors told me the same thing: that I was among the most intelligent people they have ever known, if not the most intelligent. Dr. S (a Ph.D. in Statistics) and Jack (a bright former Dupont engineer) are those friends. Granted, my imminent departure may have made them more effusive in their praise given the “emotion” of the moment, but they said what they said.

Earlier this year I sent my resume to my good friend Bob. His response was simply, “Unbelievable resume.”

OK, people…how is it that someone with my supposed intelligence and “unbelievable” resume cannot find an interesting and fulfilling work situation? The answer is that AMERICA IS BROKEN! This country, and maybe the entire world for all I know, is awash in hyper-credentialism, political correctness and age discrimination. By the way, credentials are not necessarily just college degree and experience, but also being part of the “right” groups.

I really want to find a part-time or consulting “job” that would enable me to use my combination of skills and experience, but only in a field in which I have a high level of intrinsic interest. I had no success in many years of searching so, frankly, at the moment I am not looking. One of the reasons I wanted to make this move to the desert is the hope that maybe, just maybe, the change in venue could lead to success in finding what I want. After we get more settled in, perhaps in another week, I will begin a search in earnest although I know this damn virus will complicate things.

I don’t really expect to have success in my search and that makes me very angry. I will once again rail against those who think that everyone gets what they deserve. That is sheer, unadulterated bullsh*t!

I’ve had my say and I do not expect things to change, but I will try at least for awhile, anyway.


I don’t think I took this picture, but it’s worth showing:



Here is a picture I did take along the same theme:



I asked for your indulgence here because I will be posting pictures of the scenery quite a bit. I find it breathtaking and not in a Seinfeld kind of way.


OK, some of you might be thinking, “When is he going to buy the Corvette Companion/Grocery Car/Taxi?” Well, that might be awhile.

First, this move has been way more expensive than we anticipated given the cost of extensive repairs needed to fix our “old” house before selling it, the extortionary amount we paid to the moving company and the amount we have had to put into repairs made to our “new” house/the amount we still have to spend on making this house more livable.

Second, our garage may technically be a 3-car garage, but it’s not, really. I would guess that it’s only 28 feet by 18-19 feet and not the minimum 30′ x 20′ that a 3-car garage should be. Do the math: 28 feet by 18 1/2 feet is 518 square feet; 30 feet by 20 feet is 600 square feet. If you don’t think 82 square feet is a significant difference in a garage, then maybe you’ve never had a garage.

I think I/we will still buy another car, but it will have to wait until the new year and it might have to be parked outside under a cover. The only advantage to this garage is that because it has two doors there is space to park something on the driveway that will not be in the way of the two Corvettes getting in and out.

Yes, one of these is still the favorite:


See the source image


From (I assume a classified site for the Regina, Saskatchewan area, I didn’t look) a picture of a 2002 Cadillac Eldorado in ETC spec. In this car-crazy part of the country, we have already seen a couple of these while driving around.

I just think that these check all of the boxes: they look good, they’re not slugs, they have more than two seats and a trunk, they’re not expensive to acquire and buying one will be a homage to a storied model with a long and glorious history. If anyone has any other suggestions, I’m all eyes. As I have written before, I can’t be all ears because I can’t hear you.

Stay safe and be well.








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  1. Good luck, my friend, on your searches, both for a new job and another car.
    I know what you mean about not being quite a 3-car garage. My garage here in Arizona is not quite 2-car. It’s long enough to have a small workbench and shelves, but only the driver can get in either car to back it out to load any passengers.


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