Based on this guesstimate, about 57 million people have served in the US military. Based on this Wikipedia article, about 1.4 million of them died while serving. Yes, this is Veterans Day and not Memorial Day, but I don’t think one can honor veterans and their service without remembering those who did not survive.

Of course, this day was originally called Armistice Day (and still is in many countries) to commemorate the end of The Great War or World War I as it is now known. An armistice is a truce that ends fighting in a conflict as opposed to a treaty or other more formal agreement that ends all hostilities. On November 11, 1918 an armistice was signed to end the fighting between the Allied forces and Germany.


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Today would have been Kevin Towers’ 59th birthday. Unfortunately, the former General Manager of the San Diego Padres and Arizona Diamondbacks died in January, 2018.

I have recounted my association with him in several posts, but don’t ever want to forget how, even though I was foisted on him, he always treated me with respect and that we developed a real sense of camaraderie. This is a picture I have shown more than once in Disaffected Musings.



This photo was taken in the visiting clubhouse in Dodger Stadium after the San Diego Padres clinched the National League Western Division title in 1996. Kevin is the one kneeling in front. I am one of the other three people.


From Corvette Blogger comes the news that the Corvette finished first in its category (Midsize Premium Sporty Car) in terms of 2020 resale value. The “awards” are determined by JD Power’s assessment of how much vehicles decrease in value over the first three years of their lives; the 2017 Corvette emerged with the lowest level of depreciation in the Midsize Premium Sporty Car, beating out runners-up Nissan GT-R and the Porsche 911.

Whether these cars will continue to hold their value as more C8 Corvettes are sold is an unknown. My wonderful wife and I remain very happy with our C7 Vettes.



I guess we need to take some photos of our cars in our new venue, but that is way down on the priority list right now as dozens, maybe hundreds, of boxes remain unopened. I don’t know if moving is really a bigger stressor than divorce or the death of a spouse as some websites claim, but it is certainly very stressful.

I once moved 14 times in a 25-year period, including some cross-country moves, but this move was among the most stress-inducing. My first cross-country move, in 1995 to take a job with the Padres, is the only other one that was as stressful.









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  1. It is interesting to note that Congress, when they created the Federal Monday Holidays that they left Veterans Day as always November 11th. Thank you for your remembering this day. And also thank you for remembering your friend Kevin Towers, as it is important to remember those people who had a wonderful influence on our lives.
    As always our flag is properly displayed on the flagpole on our front porch in honor of those who have served.


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