We’re Here…

We have moved into our new house. The move has been fraught with obstacles and we still have literally hundreds of boxes to unpack, but we are glad to be here. Here’s a reason why:



That’s a view from the deck off the second story of our house from this morning. We are living in the Carefree/Cave Creek/North Scottsdale section of the Phoenix metro area. Yes, that is in Arizona.

We took a drive on Carefree Highway for at least 20 miles in each direction one day last week and were simply in awe of the scenery. West of I-17 there is basically no development and the landscape is probably very similar in appearance to how it looked 500 years ago.


Administrative note: since we are on Mountain Standard Time (and will always be so as Arizona, thankfully, does not engage in the foolish practice of moving the clocks twice a year), my posts will arrive later than previously for the majority of readers. Please don’t assume that since you have not received notification of a post at your “regular” time that I have not posted.

Oh…not only did October have the highest number of unique visitors in a month in the history of this blog, but it also ended up with the most number of blog views despite my not posting for the last three days of the month. Thanks for reading and please tell your friends.


This past Saturday my wonderful wife and I attended a local car show. While we were almost overwhelmed by the quality and quantity of the cars–I have never seen so many Ferraris in one place–we were very disappointed that almost no one was wearing a mask. Yes, the event was outdoors and held in the large parking area of a retail center, but I think people just don’t realize how contagious this damn virus is. Although this news about efficacy of a vaccine is potentially a game-changer, it’s not here yet.

Anyway…here are some pictures from the show:



OK, from the top: a Jensen Healey, a Ferrari 330, a current generation Ford GT and three C2 Corvettes. Thanks to our friend Bob who tipped us off to this show AND for storing our Corvettes in his garage for the last few days. The cars arrived way ahead of our furniture and even ahead of the closing on the purchase of our “new” house. I put quotation marks around the word new because the house is new to us, but not new. A new house with the size, number of bedrooms and view that we wanted would have been hundreds of thousands of dollars more than we paid. In this market, newer homes are valued far more than older homes.

Please feel free to resume commenting. I am very glad to be posting again. Stay safe and be well.






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12 thoughts on “We’re Here…

  1. Car show shopping center and location. I am a map nut and lived in the Phoenix metro area for over 30 years, 1977-2009. As a result I have traversed the Valley of the Sun from one end to the other and with my obsession with maps and geography, I want to know location, location, location.

    Welcome to our wonderful home state.


  2. Glad to see you back up and running, even if you’re still trying to figure out where the frying pan is, and where in blue thunder the remote for the bedroom tv is.

    Looks like the car show was interesting, at least for the selection you showed. One tires of seeing a flock of last years Camaro/Mustang/Challenger lined up like so many lemmings.


      1. It’s amazing how it accumulates. Even after you purge the collection, there is still a ton, literally, left.

        My first move out of my parents home, I carried everything I owned in the bed of my dads pickup. My last move? 2 three car trailers, five 24′ enclosed trailers with household and garage stuff and several trips with my pickup truck. Plus driving some of my cars and bikes.

        Never (I hope) again.


      2. “Even after you purge the collection, there is still a ton, literally, left.”

        You have nailed it, sir. We thought we had done a good job getting rid of furniture and other possessions, but the bill from the moving company indicates otherwise. The less written about that, the better, except to say that the interstate moving business is a racket.


  3. Glad to hear you’ve arrived and are getting settled. That’s a pretty fantastic view!
    Nice shots from the car show. Going to be hard to resist hitting a car show every night, I’m sure!


  4. Congrats on putting down the roots finally. Be wary of pinning your hopes solely on a vaccine. Remember we have a flu “vaccine” and 25,000+ people die each year from the flu. You are on track with wearing your mask-preferably a 3 ply-and I would wear sunglasses as there is reputable data for eye transmission, thus the face shields.
    Also boost your immune system with Vit C-500-1000mg, Vit D-2-4000IUs, Zinc-50mg, and Magnesium-250mg daily. See the VCU COVID guide. And one more thing to think about over the next few weeks: as God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.


    1. Thanks, sir. I don’t ever put all of my eggs in one basket, but an effective vaccine tips the balance of power, in my opinion. That doesn’t mean that the virus won’t continue to be an issue, just like the flu.


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