Frugal Friday After Momentous Thursday

Yesterday was a day of major change for my wonderful wife and me. First, the extensive repairs (stucco remediation and associated repairs) were completed yesterday after four weeks of work. We want to thank Rob and Jaime for their yeoman efforts on our behalf.

Second, we had much furniture removed yesterday, some to be consigned for sale and the rest to be donated to charity. The kitchen and master bedroom were particularly denuded of furniture.

Third, we said goodbye to our dependable Kia Sportage, selling it to CarMax. One last picture:



If one looks closely a small dent can be seen on the left front fender, courtesy of a tree limb launched during Tropical Storm Isaias. The proceeds received for the Kia will be used to buy its replacement. The backdrop for this photo is one that will soon be foreign to us, both in terms of location and type of setting.

We owned the Sportage for eight years, during which time we drove it about 42,000 miles. It was a reliable vehicle and served us well.

When I put “Momentous Thursday” in the post title you didn’t think I was referring to the last Presidential debate, did you? I will reiterate my extreme disdain for American politics. To Democrats and Republicans, a plague on both your houses!


Barrett-Jackson returned to live auctions yesterday with their “Fall” event held at Westworld in Scottsdale, Arizona. The auctions are now broadcast on fyi and History.

I guess people didn’t understand that the TV move meant the end of Cristy Lee as a participant in the broadcast. Disaffected Musings had many views by people trying to find out why she didn’t appear on the Barrett-Jackson telecast, which led them to Where Is Cristy Lee?, this post and this one.

One more time…Cristy Lee is under contract, ultimately, to Discovery Communications. (Motor Trend, the previous “home” of the Barrett-Jackson telecasts, is part of Discovery.) History and fyi are jointly owned by Disney and Hearst Communications, not by Discovery.

In addition to other commitments, Steve Magnante actually works for Barrett-Jackson, which is why he is still on the broadcast. Mike Joy and Rick DeBruhl must have a contractual arrangement (i.e. not under contract to Discovery) that allowed them to continue on the broadcast after the change in channel/networks.

So, what did I think of the telecasts? The energy seemed a little low, particularly at first. I don’t know if someone with input into the broadcast reads this blog, but it did appear as if an effort was made to have the telecast be a little more of a conversation among the hosts and less of Person A says x and Person B says y with no interaction. I have remarked that the Barrett-Jackson telecasts have seemed a bit stiff, in part because of the seeming lack of real dialogue among the hosts.

It was good to watch a Barrett-Jackson auction again although I still think the docket lacks diversity. Way too many pickup trucks and Mustangs for my taste although, once again, I realize that Barrett-Jackson is at the mercy of consignors and potential bidders. They have to offer what they think will sell for good prices.


Speaking of good prices (what a segue!), this is a Frugal Friday post. Oh, also speaking of CarMax, here is a picture of a car offered at $19,998 (a popular price for CarMax offerings):



This 2015 Mustang has about 45,000 miles. CarMax makes it much easier to find pictures and how much you would pay per month if you financed the purchase than it is to find out about the drivetrain, suspension, etc., but this car has a 6-cylinder engine (300 HP/280 LB-FT of torque) and an automatic transmission. That price ($19,998) is the price you pay–no negotiating–with the addition of an “administrative” fee and possibly shipping if your local CarMax dealer is more than x miles away from the CarMax location where the car is. Oh, an aside: if the picture disappears please let me know here. Thanks.









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10 thoughts on “Frugal Friday After Momentous Thursday

  1. I know that CarMax and others are making inroads into auto sales, but I’m not quite there yet. Maybe it’s because I enjoy the process of “negotiating” with the dealer. I put that word in quotes because that process is a lot harder to accomplish anything meaningful in terms of a bargain price these days.


    1. Thanks, sir.

      I have sold two cars to CarMax, but never purchased one. My wonderful wife, however, did buy a car from them and the experience was most pleasant. When they called to say the car was ready, my wife didn’t want to pick it up as we were having what passed for a snowstorm in north Texas, 4″. They graciously offered to deliver the car and so they did.

      I spent much of my professional life involved in negotiations with much bigger stakes than thousands of dollars and a car so I don’t mind having that removed from purchasing an automobile. I know I am not receiving “full value” if I sell to CarMax or trade the car in to a dealer and that’s OK as those businesses need to make a profit.

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      1. Concur that the sellers need to make a profit. Lately my negotiation style has been to look at the trade-in value of my car on KBB and accept anything equal or above.
        I usually buy new vehicles, so I usually wait for sales at the end of the model year.
        I also insist that their “dealer administrative fees” are a cost of their doing business, and I’ve learned to find out what that amount is and then add it to my minimum acceptable trade-in number. They get to “charge me” the fee, and I get a higher trade-in price. It’s a win-win that I’ve never had to argue about.


      2. Thanks again, sir.

        My wonderful wife used to work in the mortgage business and called many of the fees charged at closing “garbage fees.” Car dealers that charge “administrative” fees note that such fees are not mandated by state law, but they charge them, anyway. I understand your method of coping with such fees, but I wonder what a dealership would do if a potential buyer said, “I’m not paying that garbage fee, but I want to buy the car.”

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      3. When I did this once, I got up to walk away from the deal. At that time, I’d been turned over to the “sales manager” from the sales agent. As I walked toward the door, the manager told me he had to add the fee, but he would give me the difference in trade-in value.
        That started me to just be sure and do that without prompting.


  2. Our company has been using the same dealership to lease our vehicles from, for I guess about 14 years now. I met the owner thru our mutual interest in old cars and became good friends with him. When we started out with the first lease I initially spoke with him before going to the dealership. He agreed to dispense with the “fees” and in turn gained a loyal customer. We may not be the biggest by volume, but are good for at least one transaction a year. Besides, for the most part these days, dealerships make most of their income from financing and service, not the actual sale/lease.

    My business partners mom drives a Sportage and loves them. She leases a new one every 3 years just for the peace of mind of it being under warranty. I haven’t joined the SUV/CUV crowd yet.

    However; IF that Nigerian prince ever makes good on his promise to send me that 40 million dollars or I were to hit the Powerball (probably equal chances of either happening) there is one I would definitely get. The Jeep Trackhawk. Because who couldn’t have fun with a 707 hp, all wheel drive, 175 mph top speed Jeep? In fact, I might even would send it to Hennessey for the engine upgrade to 1000 hp. After all, more is better, right? 🙂

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    1. As always, DDM, I very much enjoyed reading your comment. We have left the SUV/CUV crowd, at least for the foreseeable future. What happens when we get too old to get in and out of a regular car, I can’t say.

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      1. “What happens when we get too old to get in and out of a regular car, I can’t say.”

        About 9 years ago that was where my dad (now 84) was. In the late 70’s he went from a pickup to a van and added a Monte Carlo. Over the years the full size van became a Astro van and the Monte became a Caprice (dad was a true blue, dyed in the wool, Chevy man). When he told me he had bought a Toyota RAV4, I about fell out of my chair. He explained that it was easier to get in and out of, as he didn’t have to climb up to get in like the van, or climb up to get out of like the Caprice. The then current offerings from Chevy didn’t meet his needs/desires, so he went with his “Yota (as he calls it)

        Perhaps if I live long enough, I’ll be in the same position..

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