Unarranged Thursday

If a shortstop loses his range, is he deranged?


This CNBC article is titled, “‘Nightmare’ U.S. stock valuations driven by ‘young, dumb’ investors, fund manager says.” The fund manager is Cole Smead, President of Smead Capital Management. Among other things he is quoted as saying, “The buying that went on in August and September is a 10-year phenomenon the likes of which we have never seen, among millennials and in the risk-taking among people that don’t want to own bonds and want to own overpriced U.S. quality businesses, it is of record proportions.”

Inherent in Smead’s view is that the bill will come due. He is skeptical that institutions like the US Federal Reserve can prop up economies and equity markets indefinitely. While fear of a sharp market downturn was just one reason I liquidated 40% of our equity holdings in early June, I also think stock prices are “levitating” at the moment.


Just 77 days remain in 2020! I suspect I am far from alone in hoping that 2021 is a far less tumultuous year. One thought I read that was funny and poignant was, “My five-year plan is to survive 2020.”

Our family lost someone to COVID-19; I hope that six months from now my wonderful wife and I as well as friends and family have all received a dose(s) of a safe and effective vaccine. I have been asked if I will get vaccinated when possible and my answer is “as soon as possible.”


How about this car?


See the source image


From hdcarwallpapers a picture of a Buick concept car, the Avista. I have written many times here, and even once to Buick, that General Motors should bring back an updated and improved version of the Solstice/Sky as a halo car for Buick. Of course, something like this would fit that bill quite nicely.

Buick is a popular make in China, a fact that saved it during the GM bankruptcy/reorganization in 2009. I think the Chinese car-buying public would flip over a car like this, especially if it offered a hybrid drivetrain as an option.

I write about concept cars from time to time on this blog. I lament that too few of them are ever put into production. WAKE UP, American car companies! The US is a big country and it’s a big world! NOT everyone wants to drive an SUV or pickup truck! To paraphrase Automobile Magazine, life is too short to drive boring cars.









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2 thoughts on “Unarranged Thursday

  1. SUVs have their place (we traveled with family on an 8,000 mile road trip for 29 days in a Suburban,) and we filled it up with people and gear. Having noted that, I’ve no interest in owning a vehicle that looks like a truck and even at today’s gas prices, swallows $50 bills and then some at each fuel stop. >grin< American manufacturers are going to drive people like me to buy foreign. Maybe the market is too small for them to care.


    1. Thanks, sir.

      Different strokes for different folks. We own a small, Korean-made SUV with AWD as a concession to the sometimes problematic winter weather in this part of the country. Since we have it, we also use it as our grocery vehicle. After we move, we will have no need for AWD. With the rare exception of expensive SUVs like the Maserati Levante, we do not like SUV “styling” (a box on wheels doesn’t count as styling, IMO). Our little SUV will be sold before we move and, hence, the search for a car that can carry groceries and more than two people, unlike our two Corvettes.

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