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If this article is correct, then the Stop Sale Order issued because of contamination in the electronic brake boost system sensor only affects 38 2020 Corvettes. All of these are, apparently, among the first 3,000 Corvettes built so the Stop Sale Order is moot because the cars have already been delivered. From Motor 1 a picture of a 2020 Corvette coupe:


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From this piece by Colin Windell comes warnings about the dangers of microsleep, short bursts of sleep induced when a person is sleep-deprived and performing boring and/or monotonous tasks. From the Colin on Cars post:


“The managing director of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, says drivers may be more susceptible to microsleep behind the wheel.”

“Herbert explains: ‘Microsleep is a state of sleep where parts of your brain override your consciousness and you fall asleep for anything from a fraction of a second to 30 seconds. If you’re tired, bored or even doing monotonous jobs, you are susceptible to microsleep.'”

“’This becomes particularly dangerous when one is driving. Whether it is the monotony of your drive or the fact that you slept an hour less the night before, you are vulnerable to experiencing microsleep behind the wheel…'”


Even though Windell lives in South Africa, I think this piece is very relevant here. America has become a place where many people aspire to sleep as little as possible. Sleep is not an inconvenience. It is absolutely necessary; sleep plays a critical role in immune function, metabolism, memory, learning, and other vital functions. I highly recommend the book Sleep Thieves by Stanley Coren.


Which of these two do you prefer?


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The top picture of a 2014 Buick Lacrosse is from while the bottom picture of a 2014 Lincoln MKZ is from Car Gurus. If you hadn’t guessed, these have emerged as contenders for Grocery Car/Taxi after the impending move to the desert. Note I have dropped “Corvette Companion” from the description. Given the original intent to buy a “classic” car (1963 Studebaker Gran Turismo Hawk/1963 Buick Riviera) is off the table, I don’t think “Corvette Companion” is appropriate.

Either of these cars can be purchased for well under $20,000. The six-cylinder engine available in the Buick produced 303 HP/264 LB-FT of torque. The MKZ is only available with a four-cylinder engine; the turbocharged version produced 231 HP/270 LB-FT.

Despite the recalls and maintenance costs, I guess I am still hoping to buy a Maserati Quattroporte if we have to buy a 4-door car. I would estimate the probability of that purchase at less than 25%. My next choice would be the Cadillac CTS sedan I have recently shown. Any thoughts any of you have would be appreciated.











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11 thoughts on “Shambolic Tuesday

  1. Sleep is essential. Those of us, like myself, who suffer from sleep apnea, we understand the NEED. I use a CPAP machine whenever I sleep, either at night or even for a nap during the day. If you have trouble sleeping, see your primary care doctor and get help. There are other hazards besides falling asleep while driving.

    Of today’s two selections, of course I favor the Lincoln, even with its anemic EcoBoost engine. That said, if the choice were mine, I would have to defer to which of the three choices was the easiest to egress either into or out of as my old body does not like to have to be a pretzel to use the car. Not having seen any of the three in the wild, my guess would be the Cadillac CTS sedan would be the easiest to enter and exit.


    1. Thanks, Philip. Millions of people suffer from sleep apnea in the US and millions use CPAP machines.

      The 2014 CTS has 43 inches of front leg room, 39 inches of front head room, 57 inches of front shoulder room and 54 inches of front hip room. For the MKZ those figures are, in order: 44 inches, 38 inches, 57 inches and 54 inches. No meaningful differences, obviously.


      1. The numbers may be comparable; however, actually entering and exiting may be more difficult in one than the other. Which is why I would want to physically see and touch the actual car. If the door sill next to the seat is much higher than the floor in front of the seat, it may be harder to get into the car. There are other things that could cause an issue even if the numbers are the same. I’ve spent too many years actually designing things to let statistics get in the way of my selection. Reading product descriptions has become an art form with me having had to select equipment for projects as an engineer. It also helped me write equipment specifications that were very product specific and limiting. I do the same thing for my current truck project.


  2. To be honest, neither the Buick or the Lincoln appeal to me on a “Ooo I want” level.Like most new vehicles they just don’t have enough “style” for my tastes. I’m sure they are both competent autos, and would give many satisfying miles of use. Thats the rub tho, you’re only looking at maybe 2,000 miles per year if I remember correctly.For that limited number of miles per year, I would want something with more “soul” and fun to drive content. Just because you plan to use it as a Grocery Getter/Taxi, it doesn’t have to LOOK like one. Perhaps given the limited miles you anticipate driving, the Maserati WOULD be a good choice. Major service would only be needed every 4-5 years, regular maintenance would be offset by the “fun factor” of the car.

    Lastly; life’s too short to drive boring cars if you don’t have to.

    Just my $.02 (and it’s probably worth less)


  3. My sister is currently driving a 2016 MKZ. Before that, she had a 2013. She likes the model a lot. I have driven both, the newer one for many hours in Interstate driving. It is one nice handling car. If you find a good one, I think you would not be disappointed.


  4. I drive the low-rent MKZ, a 2013 Fusion Titanium, with the 2.0L ecoboost, I’ve had it almost 2 years, put 32000 kms (20000 miles). I like it, my girlfriend (who doesn’t drive) likes it quite a lot. It’s a competent car – decent mpg, good cargo space, good interior room. I like the Lincoln design language, but I like the Buick too (I considered a Lucerne also). Admittedly, neither set the world on fire as far as being exciting cars.


    1. I’d still lean Cadillac CTS-V or STS-V. I know the CTS is pricey. Not sure how you feel about the Chrysler 300C/Dodge Charger/Magnum with Hemi, or the Ford Taurus SHO. Or perhaps the Pontiac Grand Prix or G8 GXP versions.


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