Frugal Friday And Far More Significant Things

I suspect all of you remember where you were and what you were doing on this day in 2001. To me, the terrorist attacks are yet another example of the horrific evil that has existed since the beginning of mankind. As a child of Holocaust survivors, my life has been shaped by the profound knowledge that human beings are capable of actions most vile.


In 2002 a poll of TV Guide readers named Diana Rigg the “sexiest TV star of all time.” I’m not going to argue.

Of course, the RADA-trained actress with deep Shakespearean roots would probably like to have been known for work other than playing Emma Peel for 51 episodes of The Avengers. In this interview in The Guardian from last year, Rigg was quoted as saying, “Becoming a sex symbol overnight [in The Avengers] shocked me. I didn’t know how to handle it and I kept all the unopened fan mail in the boot of my car because I didn’t know how to respond and thought it was rude to throw it away.” She won a Tony, an Emmy and a BAFTA during her career.

Sadly, Rigg died of cancer yesterday at the age of 82. From CBS News a picture of the awesome Diana Rigg:



Yes, another last generation Cadillac Eldorado for Frugal Friday. From a picture of a 2000 Eldo in Sterling; this is not the car currently available on AutoTrader. As I wrote here, I am going to use more generic photos in an effort to keep the picture links from breaking. The AutoTrader car is in Sterling over Pewter, has about 61,000 miles and an asking price of $3,991.


See the source image


The AutoTrader car does not have the rear spoiler; I don’t like the rear spoiler on this car, anyway. As we (hopefully) get closer to our move to the desert, my mind is once again focusing on the search for a Grocery Car/Taxi/Corvette Companion. Anyway…four grand for a car like this seems like a steal to me, regardless of any Kelley Blue Book® value. Even if it needs a thousand in work after purchase it’s still a bargain.

OK, another Frugal Friday car…


See the source image


From (Duh…) a picture of a 2001 Ford Mustang convertible in Performance Red. The AutoTrader car is also in that color, has about 64,000 miles and an asking price of $9,995. For 2001, the GT-spec engine was a 4.6 liter/281 cubic-inch V-8 that produced 260 HP/302 LB-FT of torque. The AutoTrader car has an automatic transmission.

David Banner (not his real name) suggested this feature and I am grateful. Frugal Friday has now appeared on Disaffected Musings for more than a year and a half. (Where did that time go?!)

Regular readers have commented that they like Frugal Friday so it will remain a regular part of this blog, although it won’t be shown every Friday. I mean, how many last-generation Cadillac Eldorados do you want to see? 🙂










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5 thoughts on “Frugal Friday And Far More Significant Things

  1. I am constantly surprised at how many “frugal” cars there are available. My first car was a Toyota Corolla with a stick that I got from a $400 inheritance while I was in med school. I am sure the folks on my bus route were happy about that as I used to take my “bone box” with me to get to class and “study” on the way in.
    I frequently go onto CarGurus to see what’s available as I think every family should have at least three cars: his, hers, and theirs. I would expand that to include a truck/SUV, a convertible/convertible sports car, a luxury car, and a daily hauler. Now that the Mrs. has acquired her convertible, we may get a used luxury SUV, and a sports car like a Mini/Miata with a stick. That could cost us about $30K, which is the cost of a new ordinary car that would lose 20% of its value leaving the dealership.
    I believe there is a significant percentage of our society who, because of wise and frugal living, can afford a fleet of frugal cars. My dearly departed cousin didn’t finish high school, but bought his $400,000 house with cash and finally got his dream car-a Rolls Royce- that he kept next to his two Suburbans. I remember three years ago going to an audio show to listen to a $60,000 pair of speakers. The speakers CEO noted his factory was running three shifts to meet demand. Despite the wealth inequities in our society, many people have “earned” the ability to own a fleet of cars, and as one of those, you’ll have to pry the keys from my Mini Cooper from my cold dead hands.

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    1. Well said, sir. I think people should be able to spend their money as they see fit, as long as it’s legal. EIGHTY percent of American millionaires are first-generation millionaires; that 80% did NOT inherit their wealth.

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  2. In my teens I always had 2 cars. One would always be a cheap “beater”, some purchased for as low as $25 (which should tell you a lot of how good they were). Reason was I had hot rods and was usually working on/rebuilding them and needed something to get to school/work. The engines I was building were basically hand grenades. If 10 to 1 pistons are good, 11 to 1 should be better right? Well, yes, except; the cam lift was too high causing the piston to whack the valves bending them. Ooops. Or too small of a rear end, GM 10 bolt vs 12 bolt causing rapid loss of teeth from the gears. Oooops again. Or too much horsepower for an undersized transmission. Dang it, need another $50 car.

    This all caused my parents to question their parenting skills, or whether I might have some mental health issues. Over the years I’ve learned and now even though the engines are still a hand grenade (all high performance engines are to an extent), they have a much longer fuse.

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      1. Automobiles are meant to be enjoyed, at least anything beyond a basic transportation vehicle is. I’ve always been interested is seeing if I can improve the factory efforts on many (most?) of the vehicles I’ve owned.

        On a related note, I took that truck I’ve been working on for a long trip (750 miles round trip) to see how it goes and what else I will need to do. Boy howdy, it was quite fun. More power than should be legal (able to spin all 4 rear tires from a dead stop), handles well and actually was able to return nearly 17mpg when driven like an adult.

        Not too shabby for a vehicle that weighs in at about 6200 lbs and has the aerodynamics of a brick. Next test will be to see how it does towing my race trailer next weekend (gonna take the “Squirrel” out for some fun at the drag strip).

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