A Brief Moment Of Euphoria

Last night (or was it two nights ago?), I had a very uncharacteristic dream. I dreamt I was driving off-road, not in mud or sand, but on concrete like in a parking garage only it was a more wide-open space although it was under cover. The feeling of sheer happiness, of euphoria I felt during this dream is difficult to describe in words. I didn’t have to stay in any lanes or signal or brake unless I wanted to. I didn’t have to obey any speed limits. I could just drive without constraints.

I don’t think I was driving my Z06, but I can’t identify the vehicle. It’s possible it was some type of Jeep-like machine, but with great power. I am grateful for a respite from the nightmares, but wish I had dreams like that far more often.


Without prodding from me, my wonderful wife has given me the cars she would buy in a Million-Dollar Challenge. Oh, she REALLY likes convertibles.


2020 Aston Martin DB 11  $210,000

2017 Ferrari California T    $140,000

Maserati Gran Turismo Convertible MC $175,000

2021 Jaguar F-Type convertible $75,000

2020 Corvette convertible $80,000

Lamborghini Huracan Performante Spyder $310,000


Yes, that’s five convertibles out of six cars. From FC Kerbeck, a picture of the aforementioned Maserati:


See the source image


She picked the cars without really adding up the cost and still managed to get in under the wire at $990,000. Once again, I did not ask her for the list so her inclusion of a 2020 Corvette convertible is somewhat revealing, in my opinion.


From Ambrose Bierce, “Politics is a strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles. The conduct of public affairs for private advantage.” He also wrote, “A conservative is a statesman who is enamored of existing evils, as distinguished from a liberal who wishes to replace them with other evils.”

Bierce was a renowned writer/poet and a journalist who served in the Union Army for virtually the entire Civil War. In late 1913 he traveled to Mexico in an attempt to experience the Mexican Revolution first-hand. He was never seen again.

I could not describe my feelings about politics anywhere near as eloquently and succinctly as Bierce. I want to add one belief, though. A political ideologue is someone who refuses to acknowledge the positions they advocate come with real costs. EVERYTHING is a trade-off.







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8 thoughts on “A Brief Moment Of Euphoria

  1. It’s odd I guess, but of all the cars I’ve owned in my life, probably in excess of 100, only one has been a convertible. !967 GTX, bought in 1979 for $1600, had 48K miles on it. Loaded with options except for a Hemi because the original owner wanted AC and you couldn’t get that with the Hemi.

    Now if you consider a motorcycle a convertible (actually more of a roadster), then I have owned over 50 in my life. Yesterday reminded me, again, why I keep them. Almost 350 miles, stopped at a roadside BBQ joint for a meal because I could smell it, got home about 10.30 last night. Some desperately “wind therapy”. I have to travel to Florida next week to look at some work and am now considering going on my bike. See what the weather looks like and decide then.


      1. So far, just this year, I have bought 3 cars or trucks. I have however sold 4. In my barns I currently have 12 cars or trucks and 6 motorcycles. Of the 18, 4 are projects and 4 are for racing only ( 3 cars and 1 bike). I’ll probably be down to 0 or 1 project in the next year or so, as I figure to finish one and sell the others. Might even sell a bike or two.

        Yes, that’s a bunch of vehicles to own but it’s my weakness. “I want that, I’ll buy it”. It’s only money and I can’t take it with me, so might as well enjoy the fruits of my labor.


      2. “It’s only money and I can’t take it with me, so might as well enjoy the fruits of my labor.”

        Amen, sir, amen. I don’t advocate recklessly spending yourself into bankruptcy, but money is really useless until it is spent. Within reason, money should be used to “enjoy the fruits of one’s labor.”

        An aside…that last point is why socialism is a failure. Most people want to reap the rewards of their labor and their effort, not to hand over the bulk of their earnings to government bureaucrats and politicians. My 2¢.


  2. My Million Dollar Car list would be a bit different. I would find the cars of my past. My Mom’s ‘64 Impala. My Dad’s ‘73 and ‘84 Celicas. My first new car, a ‘91 Tercel. My Sister’s 86 Pulsar. My Dad’s ‘84 Cadillac. Oh, and I would probably get a new Ferrari and a Tony Soprano Escalade.


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