Out Of Gas

Yes, I have run out of gas while driving, but that’s not what I am writing about today. In this post I wrote about a current medical condition. While the prescription was filled later that day and I have now been taking the medication for ten days, my symptoms have not improved.

This condition is leading to very poor sleep, both in terms of quantity and quality. As a result, I am extremely fatigued. (Yes, I have informed my medical provider of the lack of improvement. I am waiting for a response; I wish I still had a concierge doctor.)

It is said that growing older beats the alternative. Sometimes I’m not so sure.


Hard to segue from that beginning…


Readers may notice that In Or Out?, Throwback Thursday and Frugal Friday have not been appearing on a regular basis. Before I decide how and/or if I want to continue these features, I would like to read your thoughts.

At first, I was going to ask you to rate the three features in order of your interest in them. I decided that was an unnecessary manifestation of my need to make order out of chaos. Still, I would like to read what you think of those features and even suggestions for others. Thanks.


As always, I enjoyed watching yesterday’s NBCSN broadcasts of the Mecum auctions, which are being held right now in Kissimmee, Florida. Usually, Mecum’s Kissimmee auction is held in January and is their largest event of the year. Of course, this is not a normal year. This is a second Kissimmee event for 2020.

From a still from a YouTube video comes an image of a car like the one John Kraman really liked from yesterday’s lots. For the nth time, Mecum does not allow its online photos from current or recent auctions to be captured.


See the source image


This is a 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS, hopefully in Granada Gold. The Mecum example, very original and looking like it’s in excellent condition, hammered for $42,000 meaning the buyer paid $46,200 all in.

I am somewhat of a heretic in that I much prefer the looks of the GM A-Body cars from 1964 to 1967 to the ones that were built later. Sorry, but something about the C-pillar and rear fender/quarter of those ’68-’72 A-Body coupes just seems off to me. Beauty is supposed to be in the eye of the beholder although I think most people are dogmatic and intolerant.

What do you think? I welcome thoughtful comments. I added that last sentence because the sum of the digits in the word count was 13.








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14 thoughts on “Out Of Gas

  1. I like “in or out” and “frugal Friday”…hope the doc figures out how to help you soon. Get better my friend


  2. Sorry you are not feeling well. We shall do our part on our end.

    I too like the 64-67 Chevelle’s. My late brother-in-law had a 66 with the 396 in blue back when they were new. Beverly’s and my first car when we married was a 69 Chevelle which was her car. It was O. K. Our first transportation purchase was my 1972 Honda 500 Four motorcycle.

    I like all three regular features, which is natural for me as I like regular order.


  3. I guess in order; (yes, I’m gonna rate them)

    1) In or Out. Gets folks involved and “forces” a comment.

    2) Throwback Thursday. Gives a look at vehicles that many may be unfamiliar with.

    3) Frugal Friday. Shows folks that a “collector” car doesn’t have to cost high five figures.

    I have had issues with medication in the past. I went thru 4 different blood pressure medications before trying to handle it with natural supplements and diet changes. And I have often shaken my head at medication ad’s in magazines; 1/2 page of the benefits, then 1 1/2 pages of side effects and other issues it MIGHT cause. Makes you wonder sometimes if the cure is worse than the problem. I also think that the body will build up a tolerance to drugs and the medication sometimes has to be changed to deal with this issue.

    Hope you get it straightened out. Feeling like crap all the time sucks (BT,DT)


    1. Yes, many times a drug ceases to work as well as before. That’s a tricky situation for the doctor and the patient.

      Thanks for indulging me and ranking the features.


      1. Hope you get to feeling better… I know the feeling myself… lack of energy and motivation… I have thyroid issues among other things… we’ve been with a concierge doc for several years now… ultimately, my health is my responsibility and I’m often not motivated enough to get help… ha, ha… I get there, eventually… anyway, as you always say… be well!


  4. Take care, hope the docs figure out how to help.
    Regarding your “survey”, Frugal Friday is my favorite of the three, followed by In or Out. The former because it gives a glimpse of lower priced classics that mere mortals might afford, the latter because it forces me to make a decision about whether I like a car enough to vote for it. 🙂


  5. I’m catching up after disappearing from blogging and reading for a month. I have to say I often find I want to add comments, but then stop myself. Mostly it’s that I don’t want to go down rabbit holes looking things up (such as the demise of Auburn Cord Duesenberg which I have read but cannot recall).
    That preamble aside, I did want to chime in on your 3 features. I enjoy In or Out the most. It does generate interesting comments, even if there was a point where you had to kind of push for comments.
    I also enjoy Frugal Friday for the same reasons others mentioned. As someone who bought his cruiser for $4100 Canadian including safety, repairs, appraisal and taxes, I agree it’s important people know the hobby doesn’t have to be super expensive.
    I certainly hope that as I read newer blog entries, I find you are feeling much better.


    1. Good to read from you, markcars2014. Thanks for all of the “Likes” today; the blog set a new “record” for “Likes” in a day.

      Please don’t hesitate to comment if so moved, but of course don’t feel obligated to do so.


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