Friday “The Thirteenth”

I’m going to let you in on an OCD manifestation of mine. I hate the number 13. To me, today–8/21–is a bad day because 8 from 21 is 13. No, I do not interpret today as .381, which is 8 divided by 21.

It’s not a superstition, I think, but I could be wrong. In any event, virtually all of my OCD manifestations are internal, which means no one else sees them or even knows they exist. They do exist, though. The number of stars in the post “divider” below is always the same number and a reason exists for that number.


From this article comes a debunking of claims made by proponents of “Medicare for All.” The first one listed is that such a “program” will save money because Medicare is efficient. From the piece:


“Medicare’s stated administrative expense is 1.1% which is an accounting mirage. Medicare receives free services from other federal agencies (NY Times, Austin Frakt) and calculates its efficiency based on total dollars spent, rather than per beneficiary…The Veterans Administration claimed it was more efficient than Medicare, while being a hornet’s nest of fraud and abuse. Federal claims of efficiency should always be suspect.”


“Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.”

– Aldous Huxley


From Corvette Blogger an article reporting that General Motors has issued a stop delivery order on new Corvettes until the “Frunk” recall is ready. It has been reported there and elsewhere that some drivers of 2020 Corvettes have had issues with the front trunk (Frunk) lid opening on its own while the car is in motion. More from Corvette Blogger:


“…because GM has notified the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that a Recall was in play for the 2020 Corvette, they are also obligated by law to halt deliveries of any new vehicles until the remedy (i.e., software update) can be installed.”

“…We are hearing now that the Stop Delivery Order is for ‘certain 2020 Corvettes’ and, as an example, we heard that the Rapid Blue 2020 Corvette Convertible that was delivered to Criswell Chevrolet today can, in fact, be delivered to its new owners. So it appears that the Assembly Plant has been able to update the latest shipments before they are being sent to dealerships.”


Apparently, the solution is, indeed, a software update. Computers on wheels, but in this case a very good looking and very fast computer.


See the source image


From Corvette Mike a picture of a 2020 Z51 Corvette in Sebring Orange. You may recall that when I decided to buy a seventh-generation (C7) Z06 I originally wanted to buy one in orange. I bought a 2016 model; the Orange for that year was called Daytona Sunrise Orange and only 251 Z06 coupes were made with that color, which made one hard to find. Of the 11 colors available on 2016 Corvettes, Daytona Sunrise Orange was third from the bottom in usage on Z06 coupes and one of the colors “behind” it was Admiral Blue that was not available until late in the 2016 model run.

As a Corvette fan and owner I hope the “Frunk” issue is the only defect in the new Vette. As I have written before, I think if the C8 fails then the Corvette will be history.








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6 thoughts on “Friday “The Thirteenth”

  1. I believe the only entity on this earth less efficient than government would be some of your “old school” unions.

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  2. I never thought I’d see a computer’s speed expressed in “MPH”. >grin<

    Many years ago, I was on an expressway in Minneapolis, riding in the middle lane. A larger car, (a Cadillac I think), was in the slow lane but we were traveling about the same speed, (probably 50 mph). All of a sudden, the hood on the Cadillac flew open and the slipstream wind wrapped it around his windshield.
    It was one of those moments that seemed to last forever, and it seemed like forever before the driver had a panic reaction, slammed on the brakes, and stopped hard. I rolled by after only lifting my foot from the throttle while I mentally processed what was going on.
    The other driver was lucky that no one was following too close or there would have been a tailgating accident.

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    1. Yes, how would one evaluate system throughput in MPH?! 🙂

      I often think of what I would try to do in some type of emergency, but the fact remains that without real training, no one really knows how they would react in an out of the ordinary situation.

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