The Narcissistic States Of America, Part 2

We received notification this morning that someone wanted to see the house at 11 AM. Of course, we approved the showing.

Since we had errands to run, we left the house at 10:45 AM. After we had finished our errands at about 11:40 I checked our cameras to see if the realtor/potential buyers were still there. THEY HAD NEVER SHOWED UP! They also never contacted us to tell us they would be late or a no-show.

The other realtor eventually contacted our realtor and apologized, claiming she tried to cancel the showing through the appointment service because her buyers were “running late.” My wonderful wife and I are livid as, of course, this is hardly the first time something like this has happened.

To his credit, our realtor has changed the showing procedure going forward so that other realtors have to call him directly to set up an appointment to see the house. He says that he can then “warn” them to be on time or call if they are not going to be on time.

YOU are not the only person in the world! What you are doing is NOT the only thing that matters! My wonderful wife works at home so leaving the house for a showing on weekdays is a major inconvenience.

To the narcissistic, self-absorbed and ignorant Americans, Zolst Leegen En Drerd!








8 thoughts on “The Narcissistic States Of America, Part 2

  1. I read your original post on this about a month ago and had meant to get back and comment… unfortunately, as is all too often the case, I never have time… I’m indulging myself today..

    While I do agree with you, I believe the word or, diagnosis, narcissist or narcissistic is highly overused these days… I think a lot of people I see on social media have only recently discovered the word and are just showing off when they use it (I know that’s not you)… on the other, it does apply as you point out…. people are more self-centered or selfish, spoiled, entitled… (I just checked for more synonyms and I particularly like mollycoddled… I’ll have to start using that..) and, as much as I’d like to believe it’s millennials or gen x or just these damn kids today, I know plenty of people my/our age to whom this applies. I knew them in high school and despised that attitude back then. It is much more prevalent these days. And, yes, I’m getting older (you kids get offa my lawn!)

    I see it mostly on the road. I used to live a two minute drive through our small town to work.. I’m now about twenty five minutes away and I have to drive up and down what we in our state used to call “The Dual”… Rt. 13… a dual highway with full access that, years ago, had signs every so often that said, “keep right except to pass” or, “slower traffic, keep right”. I have no idea why they were taken down and I doubt they’d do much good if they were still up, but, trying to get somewhere and having to exist in traffic drivers that are totally oblivious to the fact that there are other cars on the road is the most frustratingly aggravating experience of my day. When we moved, I thought the drive would give me time to decompress… I wouldn’t be bringing my work anger home or my home anger to work… and, I don’t… Now I bring my road rage with me… ha, ha…

    Anyway, I agree, we live in a selfish, entitled world.. just take a drive in traffic, its clearly visible…


    1. Thanks for the exposition, Carl.

      Yes, the selfishness, narcissism, self-absorption–whatever you want to call it–manifests itself quite often on the roads. People driving with their two left wheels over the median stripe, running stop signs without even slowing down, tailgating, etc. are WAY too common. I honestly think if I drove a junker instead of a nice car, I would be tempted to just run into these *ssh*les with my car. Of course, one of them might be armed and shoot me.

      Mankind fought against tyranny for so long that I think the pendulum has swung too far the other way, too far towards the primacy of the individual. If you live on an island in the middle of nowhere, you can live as you choose. For the 99.99% of people who don’t, you don’t have to like your neighbors, but remember that you’re NOT the only person in the world.


  2. Re: road, and other, manners.

    There seems to be a total lack of either these days. I’m currently in Jacksonville Florida on a project with a new to us company. Major player in their industry, we are doing phase one of a big expansion in their capacity. There are parts of the current equipment that needed to be modified in order to fit in with the new equipment. We were PROMISED that the maintenance staff there would dedicate 2 people to work with us exclusively on this. We haven’t been able to find either of them since Monday, with no info from anyone as to why we don’t have these people. Between yesterday and today I have nearly 50 man hours invested in modifying the equipment. I just left an e-mail to the owner of the company telling of the issues we have had and how this is going to cause us to miss or target completion date by at least one, and likely two, days. With a corresponding upcharge for work not included in our scope of work. If I have to search out the equipment and find it un-modified, that is a serious lack of manners, not mention common decency.

    Then to make my day complete, I was caught behind 2 semi’s having a “slow race”, at a blazing 50 mph. After getting past them, finally, about mile or 2 past I came up on a car in the left lane, hazard flashers on, traveling at about 45 mph.

    I picked the wrong week to give up sniffing glue. (obscure?)

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    1. Thanks for sharing your experiences, which are just more of the billions of examples of the extreme self-centered nature of most of today’s population.


    2. Love that last reference. No, it’s not too obscure.
      People who make appointments and break them without notice are rampant these days. It seems businesses are as guilty as individuals in this regard.


  3. Today’s discussion about self-absorbed people shows me that most people have not been taught humility or how to be humble. Which brings to mind my favorite quote from my “friend” C. S. Lewis:

    “Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less.” – C. S. Lewis

    The majority of people today should think of themselves less. Considering my sarcastic nature I know ways to make people think humbly, but my wise wife would tell me to restrain myself.


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