Empty Thursday

I realize today’s post title will cost me 30% of my readers…


For the last several days I have had much difficulty finding a topic about which to write. Even trying to compose a “Throwback Thursday” post for today proved impossible.

The seemingly interminable state of limbo in which I find myself has simply taken away my ability to create. I am just as tired of writing about the Corvette Companion/Grocery Car as you are of reading about it.

So, what am I saying? The sad thing is I really don’t know. Maybe I just have “blog burnout.” Anyway, even though this action will cost me readers I simply can no longer commit to writing every day.







13 thoughts on “Empty Thursday

  1. Being a ‘content creator’ isn’t easy work. And it’s worse when you don’t have someone ordering the content.

    Now, I am not a regular blogger, and I agree intermittent posts can cost readership. But I’m sure most of your readers would understand the need to take a break. And truthfully, it’s better to skip a few days here and there rather than forcing yourself to write for the sake of filling space.


  2. My engineering education did include some English Literature requirements, just none that led me to Silas Marner.. Nowadays my reading of fiction usually is of the nautical fiction variety. Other reading involves history of various conflicts, mostly the American Revolution and the War Between the States. But lately it is leaning towards auto racing and the technical aspects of that and the personalities involved. New book to be delivered today is this one by the late Mark Donahue, The Unfair Advantage.

    Sorry to lead you astray. What are you reading lately?


    1. Very interesting stuff, sir.

      My stress level makes it virtually impossible to comprehend new material so I re-read books like The Fall Of The Packard Motor Car Company. Books like that are analogous to a security blanket for me. I am also one of the “lucky” 15% of people with OCD who have some form of ADD. I am functioning, but sometimes stressors lead me to a comfort zone.

      It has always been very, very difficult for me to read fiction. My brain screams at me, “This didn’t happen! Why are you wasting your time?!”


      1. I understand as I have a nephew who is OCD. He is now a practicing doctor. I also have a grandson who is ADHD and is on medication. Beverly’s cousin had a son with similar disorders. These things do present problems; however, they can be dealt with provided those around the situation understand with compassion and support.
        History has always been of a deep interest for me so that comprises most of my reading list. The historical fiction, mostly by Patrick O’brian, his Aubrey-Maturin series satisfies my history and nautical interests in wind-driven sailing ships. The voyages of Captain Cook have held my interest as well.

        Since your brain doesn’t want you to read fiction, don’t read Newt Gingrich’s alternative history books which take history and present an alternative ending. The movie “Gettysburg” was taken from the historical fiction novel “The Killer Angels”, which fictionalized the actual people and events at the Battle of Gettysburg. I read the book and have watched the movie several times. It portrayed the actual events pretty closely and the conversations were what was probably said. Martin Sheen made a terrible Robert E. Lee.


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