In Or Out? 9

More prompted than inspired by this Hemmings article and more a function of my own idiosyncratic view of the world than for any other reason comes the next installment of In Or Out? From Wikipedia comes the picture:


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This is the Nissan Figaro. I don’t have to include the model year because the car was only sold in 1991. As such, it is now legal to import into the US without worrying about DOT or EPA regulations. I must confess that I really have a yen for these cars (see what I did there).

Originally slated for a production run of 8,000, the Figaro proved to be so popular that more than 20,000 were built. The car was “powered” by an inline 4-cylinder turbocharged engine of about 1 liter in displacement (987 cc/60 cubic inches, to be exact) that produced 75 HP/78 LB-FT of torque. Supposedly, the car could reach a top speed of about 105 MPH, not that I would ever drive a car like this that fast. In fact, no matter how adorable I find the car, I would be afraid to drive it in real life given its weight (1,800 pounds), size (91-inch wheelbase, 147 inches in length) and the fact it does not have airbags. The transmission was a 3-speed automatic.

I have been in one of these and it was not difficult for me to get in and out of the car. Once again, though, the small size and lack of modern safety systems make it something I will only admire from afar.

OK, good people…the Nissan Figaro, In Or Out?






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