In Or Out? 8

First…our kitchen has not looked this in a long time. Why does it look this way now?



I struggled to pick a car for this In Or Out? post. My own preferences seem to be interfering with the selections. For better or for worse, here is the newest member of the In Or Out? club.


See the source image


From My Classic Garage a picture of a 1974 AMC Matador X coupe. The Matador coupe was dramatically restyled for the 1974 model year.

The restyling must have been well received as sales of Matador 2-door coupes increased significantly from about 7,000 in 1973 to about 62,000 in 1974, including approximately 10,000 of the Matador X. (That figure for the X spec comes from standard catalog of® of Independents edited by Ron Kowalke. Encyclopedia of American Cars by the Auto Editors of Consumer Guide® gives that number as 1,500. If anyone knows which figure is correct or if the two books are not measuring the same thing, please let me know. Thanks.) As far as I can tell, the “X” package was more about looks than about performance. Speaking of performance, the most powerful AMC engine available in 1974 was a 401 cubic-inch V-8 rated at 235 HP, but 335 LB-FT of torque. For a 1974 American car, that was good power.

AMC ran a long ad campaign where the tagline was “What’s A Matador?” Reluctantly using the minion of the Evil Empire (aka Google) known as YouTube, here is a link to a TV commercial for the 1975 Matador using that tag.

OK, kind people…1974 AMC Matador, In Or Out?







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18 thoughts on “In Or Out? 8

  1. Kitchen looks that way because new fridge? Not sure the location shown would work for me, but as you say; Different Strokes…….. 🙂

    The Matador has grown on me over years. When it was new I didn’t care for the look, but now I kinda like it.

    In from my perspective.


      1. “Why would someone really clean and tidy their house?”

        Queen Mother is coming for a visit? ORRR, a potential buyer..


  2. I have to say “In”. I respect AMC’s valiant efforts to increase their sales in that time period and also working to improve their performance. The styling of the grille reminds me of the AMC Pacer. They also went racing in the Trans-Am series and won the Championship with Roger Penske and Mark Donahue.


    1. Thanks, Philip. Ultimately like all American independent auto makers, AMC succumbed to The Big Three. Say what you want about Elon Musk, but Tesla appears to have a real foothold in the market.


  3. Out. Does nothing for me in terms of giving me tingles.

    Kitchen looks like something a buyer would be IN for.


    1. Thanks, sir. The vote is 3-2 In for the Matador and In Or Out? lives for at least one more car.

      Like what you did linking the kitchen to In Or Out?


  4. Truth be told I can find a reason to like many many cars. And I know In or Out? is an idea where theoretically the number of cars you can have is limitless. But in this case I’m going to say out. Of AMC vehicles, this Matador coupe would be fairly low on the list.


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