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This In Or Out? car was suggested by Dirty Dingus McGee. I took a little artistic license, though. From Barrett-Jackson a picture of a 1968 Plymouth Barracuda Formula S fastback:


See the source image


This car hammered for $25,300 all in at their Reno auction in 2014. That venue is no longer used as they moved the June auction to Mohegan Sun in Connecticut in 2016.

I am a fan of the looks of the second generation Barracuda although I prefer the notchback coupe best among the three available body styles. This Barrett-Jackson car was equipped with the 340 cubic-inch V-8 and a Torqueflite automatic transmission. The 340 was rated 275 HP and 340 LB-FT of torque. The Formula S package included, besides the Commando engine, heavy-duty suspension and wheels, firm-ride shocks, E70-14 Red Streak tires, low-restriction dual-exhaust, front fender badges and special hood inserts.

OK, kind people…second-generation Barracuda Formula S, In Or Out? Once again, if this car fails to receive at least five votes, then In Or Out? will be discontinued. Thanks.







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18 thoughts on “In Or Out? Etc.

    1. Thanks for the vote, sir. 1-0 Out for the second-generation Barracuda Formula S.

      As I have written, I am also not a huge fan of Mopar, but I am really an agnostic who can appreciate a car from almost any company.


  1. Out for me on that particular Cuda..The one in my ultimate garage would be 1970 AAR Cuda. Next to a 1970 Boss 302. Plus any of the Trans Am cars of 1970 AMC Javelin, Pontiac Trans Am, Chevrolet Camaro, etc. Thanks.


  2. I think you know where my vote is being as I suggested this car.

    Nothing against the 70 E body Barracuda as they are a good looking car. My preference for these is based on the smaller A body proportions. With the 340 these made a great street package that could embarrass cars with much larger engines.

    Also, the most iconic Barracuda is built off this platform, the Hurst Hemi Under Glass..


    1. Yes, sir, I would have been disappointed if you had not cast an In vote for this car. Vote is 2-1 Out, so far.

      I also like the third-gen Barracuda/’Cuda in terms of body style. As you point out, power-to-weight counts more than just power.


  3. My vote is “In”. A fellow student in my USAF Tech School class at the now gone Lowery Air Force Base in Denver, CO had one, very similar to the one pictured, including color. Nice car. I am not so much a fan of classic Mopar, even though I currently drive a Dodge Journey. I was in tech school July 1971 to February 1972. Lowery was located on the East side of Denver on the border with Aurora. It is now a housing subdivision.


  4. Bollocks, I’m the tie breaker. It’s because I love all things blue. In the future, if possible, please show an interior shot.


    1. LOL on Bollocks!

      So far, voting may not be finished, the Barracuda Formula S has rallied to be In, 3 votes to 2.

      I will try to show the interior if possible.


  5. A bit off topic, but last night I watched “Behind the Gates” on AWE channel. It’s like “House Hunters” on steroids and meth. Anyway, this one house came with a huge garage and an $8 million car collection. The cars were of the “Big Swinging D***” variety; nothing really interesting. I thought “What a waste”. Maybe for a future blog topic/series consider doing “For the price of a…”. Pick a car, say a $400,000 RR, and see what interesting cars you can get for the same amount.


    1. My wonderful wife’s father (I don’t like the term “in-law”) is a big fan of the AWE channel.

      I believe I did write a post, borrowed from another source, about what cars one could buy for the price of one Cugatti Bhiron. Still, that’s a good idea.


  6. My uncle had a 65 and I know it was a V8 (I remember the sound it made) so, I guess that was the 273.. possibly a Formula S. Silver with a red stripe. What I remember most was rolling around under that big back window. They’d throw a few of us kids in there and just let us roll around. I prefer the early ones, first and second gen, so, I’ll vote in if voting is still open.


    1. According to a Hemmings article, the Formula S package was first available in the 1965 model year.

      Your In vote is noted; the second-gen Barracuda Formula S in now In by a vote of 5-2.


  7. Another late vote but I’m in. The E-body cars get so much love, but the second generation redesign on the Cuda was so important. I think the first had such a visual attachment to the Valiant, had the 1967 car been as good-looking as it was, the Cuda would have been slaughtered in a market that contained the new Camaro, Firebird and Cougar, not to mention the still popular Mustang.


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