Memorial Day 2020

I wish I had something of consequence or of profundity to write to observe this day, a Memorial Day unlike any other in memory. Just take note of the fact that about 1.5 million American soldiers have died while in service. Also remember that the men and women who serve today do so voluntarily.


While my wonderful wife and I cannot begin a home search in the desert in earnest (I thought you were looking in Arizona, where’s earnest? 🙂 ) until we sell our current home, we do look at listings and have unofficially retained the services of a realtor. Our latest setback has pushed the listing of our current home out into some unknown time.

My desired area consists of the southern part of one zip code and the northern part of an adjacent zip code. I am trying to find a home with some elevation in order to reduce the heat in the summer, even if by just 2°-4°. My wonderful wife is not as concerned with elevation and just wants to find a nice home with a pool. We both want at least a 3-car garage.

Currently, on any given search the set of homes that meet all of our criteria is very small and those searches are not as geographically specific as I would want. The realtor says that few homes are being offered for sale at present and the good ones usually go very quickly. Here is a picture from of the front of one of the few houses that meets our criteria:



Of course I had to use a photo with one of those amazing Arizona sunsets. Technically, this house is not in the zone I have identified as desirable, but beggars can’t be choosers.

I really wish I could just snap my fingers and have this entire process done. Alas, the real world doesn’t work like that.


Now, this was a real Corvette fan…on this day in 1994 the ashes of 71-year old George Swanson were buried in the driver’s seat of his white 1984 Corvette, according to his wishes. Swanson had served in the US Army during World War II and later was a successful beer distributor. The burial took place weeks after his death because the cemetery where he had purchased enough plots for the car to fit had balked stating concerns about vandalism and offending others. Ultimately, Swanson’s wishes were carried out. His widow, Caroline, remarked, “George always said he lived a fabulous life, and he went out in a fabulous style. You have a lot of people saying they want to take it with them. He took it with him.”

From amosauto a picture of a white 1984 Corvette. This is not just another example from the first model year of the C4 Corvette, it was the 750,000th Corvette produced when it rolled off the assembly line at Bowling Green, Kentucky in October, 1983.


See the source image


Carpe Diem!









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11 thoughts on “Memorial Day 2020

  1. Since our wonderful wives are cousins, I am curious as to which two zip codes have your interest in our wonderful state. You can email me your answer if you wish to keep them private.

    With respect to your post of “taking it with you” brings to mind the song “Cadillac Ranch” as sung by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. One lyric says: “When I die just throw my body in the back and take me to the junkyard in my Cadillac.” They probably are your kind of music but it is a fun song.


  2. We ended up in the west edge of the Phoenix metro because of environmental conditions. Prevailing winds are out of the northwest and the smog generated in the city tends to move toward the high population areas in the eastern part of the metro. It can get smoggy in Buckeye, but not like we see it sometimes when looking to the east from a higher vantage point.
    Something I wish we knew, I bought a house with the back yard facing west. In the heat of the day, the back yard becomes difficult to use, if not intolerable. A pool would help, though. That, of course, further limits your options. North-South orientation is preferred. Of course, you may already know that. I learned it too late. Fortunately, I only live there in the winter.


    1. This last comment of yours gives you 100 of the last 1,000 published comments. Only 56PackardMan has ever reached that figure. Thanks, Dirty Dingus McGee may join you soon.

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  3. Guess I’ll see about “upping my numbers”. LOL

    When we were working in the Phoenix area a couple years ago, an area that I liked was up in the Cave Creek area. Far enough away to be more a suburb, but close enough for easy travel. But then I tend to prefer rural areas, so might not be in your comfort zone.

    I got back in around 10 am, was putting flags on a couple of friends graves. Both were Navy vets who passed after their service. In a typical year, about now a crew of us would be gathering to grill some burgers, drink some beer, and tell stories with questionable “facts”. This year with many nervous about largish gatherings, and the lack of availability of burger meat, it has been postponed. Maybe by July 4 things will be in better shape.


    1. Yeah, up your numbers, will you?! I am joking as I am very grateful for your participation on my blog.

      Cave Creek is a backup area for us if we can’t find anything we like in our more favored area, which is a little to the south and east from there. We are going to make it tough for ourselves as we will not begin a real home search until we have an accepted offer on our current home. That gives us a 30-45 day window to travel, to look and to successfully negotiate the purchase of a home in a market with few good homes for sale and then arrange for a move, for new utility service, etc.


      1. Sounds like you will have your work cut out for yourselves. That’s the tough part about going to an area where many others want to go, not as many choices. How is the housing market in your current area?. L know where I’m at, metro(ish) Atlanta, it seems to be holding pretty steady.


      2. The market segment in which our house resides is sluggish. We don’t live in a seven-figure mansion, actually not too many of those in this zip, but we are far removed from being an entry-level home.

        We will just have to choose from among the houses available and make changes later if we are unhappy with certain aspects of the home.


  4. The first home we bought in Mesa, in 1978 was a tract home but they would let you make some minor changes. The Dining Room had a window that would have faced West and being the Mechanical Engineer that I am I had them move the window to a North facing wall during construction. It gave us a view of the backyard rather than the covered patio. When we were doing the plans for the remodel of our current house and wanted large windows on the front which is West facing; therefore we added a covered porch and added retractable screens over the porch arches to shade the front room. They work very well and retract at the touch of a button.

    I will look for interest for the zip codes. I had a good idea where you would be looking and your previous discussion confirmed that.


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