Go West, Young Man

The line attributed to Horace Greeley seems appropriate today as it was on this day 25 years ago that I left the mid-Atlantic (where I was born and raised) and moved to California. I moved to work for the San Diego Padres. Although the team won two NL Western Division titles and a National League Championship in the three full seasons I was Director of Baseball Operations, the experience was a disappointment professionally. To be honest, one of the reasons I accepted the Padres’ offer is I thought the team would be relocated to Washington, DC and, therefore, I would return to the mid-Atlantic, anyway.

I was the de facto #3 person in the Baseball Operations hierarchy, with hopes to advance in the world of baseball and was older than the two people ahead of me. I was in a hurry to advance, probably in too much of a hurry even given my age. My real boss was the team President/CEO as he was the one who hired me. Although at times he would say that at some point in the future he would consider me for the top spot, General Manager, he was really just saying what he thought he needed to say in order for me to stay, which I guess I should consider as a compliment. I began to feel trapped and continued to have aspirations for advancement, if not with the Padres then with another team.

As I have written before (wish I could find the post) I resigned from the Padres during the 1999 season in the hopes of moving up “the food chain” in major league baseball. Although I was in the running for an Assistant GM position with another team, I didn’t get it and never again worked as a full-time employee of a team. I did resurrect my baseball career as a consultant and had a lucrative practice for a long time until baseball decided I was obsolete. (Perception is reality even if it isn’t.)

While my move to California did not eventuate as I had hoped in terms of my career, the move had one incredible benefit: I met the wonderful woman who has been my wife for almost 21 years. I don’t really believe in destiny. While it’s true we don’t have total control over our lives, to think one’s life journey is all preordained just seems like 360 degrees of wrong to me.

I had another job offer at the same time the Padres offered me the job. The “other” position would have enabled me to stay in the mid-Atlantic and would have let me add a non-baseball position to my resume. If I had accepted that job, and I was very close to doing so, I never would have met my wonderful wife. To those of you who think my decision was already made, I say b*llsh*t! Of course, I am very glad how everything turned out in my personal life. V Squared, I LOVE YOU!!!

Somewhat ironically, history is about to repeat itself as my wonderful wife and I have set the wheels in motion to move to the desert. While current events demonstrate that we are subject to exogenous forces, in the end it is highly likely we will move in the near future and that I will, once again, leave the mid-Atlantic and go west. Of course, this time I am not a young man.


OK, you knew I would eventually get to this point. I am going to show pictures of the three cars that are currently under consideration to be our Corvette companion/grocery car after we move. I am very interested to read your opinions and if you want to rank them or tell me your favorite, I would be very happy to read your thoughts.


See the source image

Picture of 2007 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS FWD, exterior, gallery_worthy


The Jaguar XJS photo is from Barrett-Jackson, the Monte Carlo SS photo is from Car Gurus and the picture of the Maserati GranTurismo was taken by yours truly at the Mecum auction in Glendale, Arizona in March. Using any criteria you wish feel free to offer your choice and your thoughts.

Although we still have a lot of moving parts, we are already preparing to move (see what I did there). Not too long after the move, we will almost certainly buy another car.

Stay safe and be well.






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8 thoughts on “Go West, Young Man

  1. I guess the choice, for me, would be based on what I expect from the vehicle. If reliability is a main criteria, the Monte. It will likely be as dependable as a hammer. If maintenance cost is considered, the Maserati would go to 3rd place. Same to a point with the Jag, especially as they are getting older (deferred maintenance would be quite expensive) For utility, the Monte. For sheer eye candy, the Maserati. For nostalgia the Jag.

    Being as my tastes are a bit different than yours, this opinion is worth just what you paid for it, maybe even less.

    Myself, I actually almost pulled the trigger on a 1995 Buick Roadmaster wagon a couple years ago. Dependability, power (LT1 350) and, to my eye at least, style. The reason I ended up NOT buying it was I came to the realization I didn’t NEED a daily driver/grocery getter. What little DD I did, I either used one of my collection, or my crew cab truck. I still look from time to time, like the Charger I was watching a week or so ago (didn’t buy it).

    As you said, DSFDF.


    1. Thanks very much for sharing your views, sir.

      Your thoughts are similar to mine in that I think the Monte Carlo will be the most reliable and the Maserati is the best-looking of the three. How to weight the various criteria is difficult, though. I think the XJS is also a most handsome vehicle acknowledging the potential maintenance issues, but it’s the only ragtop among the three and in Arizona a convertible can be used quite often. (A Maserati GranTurismo convertible will cost more than we want to spend.)

      Let’s just say I can’t wait to be in the position of having to choose and hope nothing else happens that will derail our plans.


  2. Will be interesting to see how used car prices change after the “Friday Night Massacre”, aka the Hertz Bankruptcy. 2017 Hyundai Sonatas Limiteds with 70,000 are going for $8900. As a second or third car, not bad, although not for you.


    1. Yes, the ripples of the Hertz bankruptcy could generate some car bargains. It will be interesting to see how many people take advantage, assuming they can, of course.


  3. Had to weigh in on that choice. I concur on the Monte Carlo with one caveat. I don’t know if your ‘vette has a removable top, but if not, I’d consider a drop top. My wife and I gain considerable enjoyment from our second car in AZ, a 2004 New Edge Mustang in those months when it’s neither too cold or too hot to have the top down.


    1. Appreciate your offering an opinion. My wonderful wife’s Vette is a convertible. Still, no law against having two ragtops! That’s the main appeal of the Jaguar XJS. If we buy that one it will be a convertible, not a coupe.

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