A Year. A Year? A Year!

On this day in 2019 the 279th and last original episode of The Big Bang Theory aired. To me, nothing is a more stark reminder of the scarily swift passage of time than that fact. I can’t even process that reality in any context except, perhaps, intellectually. I’m actually getting more depressed just writing about it. Think about how much has changed in the last year, but try not to get depressed like I am.

From The Mary Sue a picture of the original cast of The Big Bang Theory.


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Quick note on C8 production: apparently, it will re-start on May 26th, but not at full speed. The re-start at GM plants will begin with a single shift and then ramp up to two or three shifts as demand warrants. The obligatory C8 photo, this time from Top Speed:


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Does anyone have any idea when the IRS will “re-start production?” For some reason, my accountant of more than 25 years was unable to e-file our federal and state tax returns. Therefore, we had to mail paper copies, which we did in late March. Our state processed our return swiftly and we received our refund in less than two weeks. The IRS? Supposedly they are not “processing” returns at the moment. Obviously, we have not received our refund (an unusually large one for us) nor does the IRS Refund page even have any record of our return. The IRS refund “hotline” is not being staffed at the moment. Yes, I know these are most unusual times and circumstances. Yes, I know the filing deadline was pushed back to July. The situation is still frustrating. Sorry, I’m only human.

I was going to use this situation to note that everything in our “low-tax” state, like road maintenance and processing tax returns, seems to work fine, in many instances better than in the “high-tax” states that surround us, but I would never do that.


Thanks to Philip Maynard for submitting a car for In Or Out? If you read the comments, and you should, you know what car it is. If you don’t and won’t then you’ll just have to wait to find out.

In the What If? category, on this day in 1952 Studebaker and Porsche signed an agreement for the German company to design a small car for the wagon-makers from Indiana. Only three prototypes were produced.

I don’t know how I feel about that “What If?” or the fact that Studebaker passed on multiple opportunities to be the US distributor for Volkswagen. Studebaker might still be in the automobile business. On the other hand, since they wouldn’t be a defunct American make and might be selling Nazimobiles my feelings about the company might be 180 degrees from what they are. The beginning of a novel that I started writing, but never finished is this, “Nothing is inevitable about life except its end. The prosaic and the extraordinary, the random and the deliberate all contribute to how one’s life unfolds.” Anyway, from Vault Cars a picture of what is probably Studebaker’s most iconic car, the 1953 Commander Starliner:


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By the way, this car sold for $28,880 in September of 2018. If that figure doesn’t include the buyers commission, then the price was $30,324 all in.









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6 thoughts on “A Year. A Year? A Year!

  1. My choice for an In or Out? is the first generation Mercury Cougar. And no it’s not because I am a fan of John Mellencamp. 😀


  2. It’s not just the revenuers that are shut down, just about all government is down. I’ve been trying for 7 weeks to get a tag for a vehicle purchased in March.Having to do it all by mail, as the DMV has been shut down.I have had to download forms at ” what you need might be here dot gov”. So far I’ve had to download MORE forms twice and am now on my third attempt to get the tag. My mental health is taking a beating.

    We are also on hold on 2 work projects due to not being able to schedule code inspections. If you go past certain points without having an inspection, the inspector can, and will, make you remove any work done past that point. So now we have companies that have $1,000,000 projects on hold because of this. We also incur costs. We can’t afford to be paying crews to sit in hotels indefinitely , so we have to bring them home at cost to our company. In the future we will have to send them back at additional cost to us.

    Some days it doesn’t pay to chew thru the ropes.


  3. Interesting on your missing out on the eFile. We processed by eFile early in February (timing is everything this year). Both returns were processed quickly. I had to file by paper an amended return as an unexpected 1099 showed up late. That went in by paper forms. Still don’t know the processing status of the IRS side, but they cashed my check within days. >grin<


    1. The “switch” to e-file was a last minute thing as, at first, my accountant had included the usual consent for e-file. Then, we received notice that he couldn’t e-file for this year and were given the appropriate mailing addresses. Of course, you’ve seen the joke for the simplified IRS tax form:

      Line 1, What Was Your Income?
      Line 2, Send It In

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