Throwback Thursday, John Unitas Edition

First, and with no disrespect intended to the memory of the great John Unitas…I had a dream this morning that was a combination of two of my anxiety-themed dreams. The first theme was that I was in a class in college that I had to complete in order to graduate. The professor seemed quite young and the class involved hands-on lab work and not just listening to lectures, reading and taking exams.

I struggled to keep up with the work and at one point went to the professor and told him I didn’t think I could complete the class requirements. He just told me to hang in there and reminded me that I needed the class to graduate. I left the class to acquire supplies for the lab work. I chatted with a female student who was not in that class and, once again, she seemed quite young to me. She asked me what I was doing and I said I was getting supplies for my last class in college. She congratulated me.

After leaving the school store it dawned on me that I already have two college degrees and–this was the important point to me–they are already framed and sitting in my house. I wouldn’t have these degrees if I still needed to finish this class, right? I decided to just leave the campus. It was then that the second “anxiety theme” kicked in. I could not find my way out of this building except by re-tracing my steps to exactly where I had entered. I entered another building and the same thing happened, except this time I simply could not find my way out no matter what.

It is hell to live inside my head.


On this date in 1933 the great John Unitas was born. When I was young he was one of my “Holy Trinity” of sports idols along with Frank Robinson and Babe Ruth.

Unfortunately for me, I never had the opportunity to see him play before he suffered the serious elbow injury that cost him most of the 1968 season. He was never the same after the injury.

Since I am the author of this book and it is no longer in print I am going to show you the article about Unitas in my book about the greatest NFL teams of all time. Actually, I think I showed this on this day last year. Oh well…



I tried to find a non-copyrighted image of Unitas in his legendary high-top football cleats to show here, but could not. Here is a picture of a gift from Dr. Zal.



Happy Birthday, Johnny U!





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