C8 Saturday

As a follow-up to the Hagerty reveal of the C8 timeline I wrote about yesterday I decided to clear my Inbox of all of the C8 stories I’ve been saving by writing about them today. It should come as no surprise to anyone that I subscribe to Corvette Blogger, which I would describe as a “semi-meta” website.


– This story shows a video of a “Bone Stock” 2020 Corvette running a 10.95 second quarter-mile.

– This story is about the changing demographics of Corvette buyers due to the introduction of the C8. Morgan Crosbie, a Canadian Chevrolet dealer,  reveals that the 40-49 age group is, so far, the largest purchaser of new C8s. Crosbie also noted “…that he had 5-6 buyers in the 70s [age group] in the last year with the C7, but not one of those buyers in the age group has purchased a C8 from him. He tells us his biggest gains are coming in the 30-39 age group, which he says is up 12 buyers for the C8 vs the C7.” If this trend is representative of all buyers, and the trend holds, then GM/Chevrolet may have succeeded in setting up long-term Corvette ownership, which, of course, was one reason for the switch to a mid-engine design.


I thought I had more than two stories saved. Oh well…from Corvette Forum a picture of a C8 Corvette, in Sebring Orange:


See the source image


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