April 12, 2020

Quickly…I would be remiss if I didn’t note the anniversary of my parents getting married in 1946. It’s well worth repeating that they married in a Displaced Persons camp in Austria, some would call it a refugee camp, the same place where my sister was born.

The current crisis will pass and will not last anywhere near as long as the horror of World War II. The coronavirus is not trying to harm us, of course, as it is incapable of intent. Obviously, that is not the case for the evil forces of World War II and the evil forces that have existed since the beginning of mankind.


To those of you observing and/or celebrating today as a holiday, I hope it is as meaningful as possible under the current circumstances.


I guess many people discovered only yesterday that Cristy Lee is no longer part of All Girls Garage. (The show is broadcast on Saturday morning; yesterday’s airing was the second episode shown without her.) Once again, Disaffected Musings had a large number of blog views (large for this blog) from people trying to find out where she is and why she is no longer on the show. From cristylee.tv (I don’t think the site is being actively updated), a picture of Ms. Lee:


See the source image


To rebuff those who blindly criticize American businesses as heartless and avaricious I show this link to a story about General Motors reopening a factory in Warren, Michigan in order to manufacture face masks. This is hardly the only example of such actions by US businesses.

I could use this space to criticize the quarterback of Satan’s Minions…uh, the Dallas Cowboys…for hosting a birthday party yesterday that was attended by 30 people, but I would never do that. To quote Satchel Paige once again, “There are some people that if they don’t know, you can’t tell them.”


Despite the emergence of the 2006-07 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS as a strong contender for Corvette companion/grocery car after the move to the desert, a final decision has not been made. However, the fact that my wonderful wife is on board with the project makes the purchase a virtual certainty although, of course, the timing is not completely under our control, as current events strongly demonstrate.

I will almost, notice I wrote “almost,” regret the day we actually purchase another car because the hunt is so much fun. I don’t know if I’ve written it here before, but for me a reason I miss my childhood is that it was a time when almost anything seemed possible. As I have aged the universe of possibilities has narrowed almost into nothingness. I suppose that is a common experience, but as someone who is not the dullest knife in the drawer and someone who has always expected a lot of himself, this narrowing of possibilities is extremely disappointing and even frightening.

Here is a car listed in Hemmings that appeals to both my wonderful wife and to me, a 1969 Mercury Cougar:



The stance seems off, which could be an indication of trouble, but with an asking price of $9,900 no one should expect a Grade 1 car. The mileage is a little more than ideal (89,059), but the car is more than 50 years old. Ah yes, #somanycarsjustonelife…









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4 thoughts on “April 12, 2020

  1. Good luck on your hunt for a Monte Carlo SS. As a younger man with a family, that was one of my “wants” when I didn’t have the financial chops to make it happen. 🙂


  2. I’ve never really looked at the later FWD Monte. My first uninformed feeling is they’re all just beat up. But I recall a couple years ago I was looking for a daily driver and I looked somewhat seriously at the Grand Prix GXP, with the same 5.3 V8 found in the MC SS and I think other cars of the time. I decided against it because I’d read many reviews feeling the V8 just overpowered the FWD architecture, and I didn’t want an already 10-year old car as my daily.

    Would 4-doors disqualify the GP as your Vette companion?


    1. Yes, the Corvette companion has to be a 2-door. Sorry, my wonderful wife and I are not fans of 4-door cars, for the most part, and we don’t have children, young or otherwise, and don’t need 4 doors.


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