100 Days In

Yes, today is the 100th day of 2020. That seems incredible to me.

If it seems like I am being Captain Obvious (or Capitaine Évident), I know I do that on occasion. However, don’t assume that because something is obvious to Person A that it is also obvious to everyone else in the “room.”

Numbers nerd/OCD person that I am, this day is significant because the number of days has reached triple digits and the number of days in a year is in triple digits. My brain says to me, “digits have maxed out.”


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I have written every post and I don’t remember everything I’ve written; I doubt any of you remembers everything, either. You might be surprised by something you haven’t read or by jogging your memory about something you had.


Fack Fucebook and Guck Foogle place tracking cookies on your computer EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT USING THEIR WEBSITES! Fortunately, Mozilla Firefox, the browser I use, has created something called Facebook Container that, of course, I have installed. The Facebook “Like” and “Share” buttons that appear on shopping, news and other sites contain Facebook trackers. Even if you don’t use them, Facebook uses these buttons to track you. The Facebook Container add-on creates a boundary between Facebook sites and the rest of the Web so it’s harder for Facebook to track you online.

Why aren’t more people outraged by this? I hear people say, “Facebook is dying because people are moving to Instagram.” Guess what? Facebook owns Instagram. Facebook and Google are criminal organizations, it doesn’t matter how much easier they allegedly make your life.


My wonderful wife brought this “gallery” to my attention. It is a list of 27 people, some famous in addition to more than a few “oil sheiks,” who have extensive car collections. The list includes Jay Leno (of course), Craig Jackson, John Cena, Jerry Seinfeld and George Foreman. I wish the emphasis had been more on the cars than on the people, but a non-automotive publication like USA Today is not going to show 50 or 100 cars in an article.

If I ever had the means to have an extensive car collection I don’t think I would only purchase cars from my Ultimate Garage 2.0. Even if I limited the number of cars to 8 or 10, I might buy cars not on that list and not buy some cars that are on it. (An aside: feel free to click on the hyperlinks within a blog post. I only link to secure sites, sites whose URLs begin with https, and many of the links are to other Disaffected Musings posts, anyway.)

Here’s a car I would consider purchasing:


See the source image


Obviously from Car-from-UK.com a picture of a 1990 Aston Martin Virage. This was the first model year for the gorgeous Virage.

Power was provided by a 5.3 liter/327 cubic-inch V-8 that produced 330 HP/350 LB-FT of torque. The transmission was either a five-speed ZF manual or three-speed Torqueflite automatic. (In 1993 the automatic was changed to a four-speed.) Even in 1990, about 60% of these cars were sold with automatic transmissions.

Aston Martin, under Ford’s ownership at this time, was keen to point out that the Virage could be sold in the US without being detuned to meet US emissions standards. Of course, very few wound up in the US because the car, like all Astons, was not produced in large numbers. The Virage was replaced by the Vanquish in 2000; only 1,050 units of the Virage were made in total from 1989 through 2000.

Do you ever dream about having a lot of cars? Once again from the movie Diner, if you don’t have dreams you have nightmares.








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