Throwback Thursday, GoodBye Impala Edition

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From Steve McKelvie’s blog a picture of a 1958 Chevrolet Impala, the first model year for the car. As you may have heard, Impala production has ceased for what is the third and almost certainly final time.

Most car buyers are not active on car blogs. I have not read anywhere that people are happy or are resigned to the sea change in the “automobile” market, where the dominant forms sold are SUVs and pickup trucks. Instead, I read things like this, “So after 62 years [not technically correct, but the point is valid] the celebrated Impala badge will no longer grace the highway; this is another sad [emphasis mine] example of the change in the mode of transport away from the traditional sedan.”

The Chevrolet Impala was one of the most successful models in automotive history. Except for the Model T, which was sold when the car market was much different, the Impala is the only US model (could be world model for all I know) that sold more than one million units in a single model year, which happened in 1965 with sales of nearly 1,047,000. In its [yes, it’s “its” not “it’s”] first ten years in existence more than six and a half million Impalas were sold. In years six through ten almost 4.2 million Impalas were sold.

I have a sentimental attachment to the Impala, no doubt. My aunt and uncle owned a 1964 model that they let me sit in for hours and pretend to drive. My father’s 1961 Impala got me back and forth between home and college during my first semester while my 1967 GTO was being repaired after a major accident.

Yes, I write here all the time that the only constant in the world is change. That doesn’t mean we have to be happy with all change.

GoodBye, Chevrolet Impala…





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5 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday, GoodBye Impala Edition

  1. My parents had the ‘64, ‘73 and a ‘77 station wagon. The ‘64 had power locks and windows. It was originally built for Mrs. Luby from Luby Chevrolet.


  2. Love the “its” reference. One of the many pet peeves of this grammar guy is the incorrect use of the apostrophe. I will admit, though, to making the error of inserting the unnecessary apostrophe myself, quite accidently, even though I know better.


    1. Had to change your contraction of National Socialist Workers Party to something less unsettling to this child of Holocaust survivors.

      Obviously, I am also peeved by the incorrect and excessive use of apostrophes. Many children left behind…I’ll stop before the veins in my neck burst.

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