A Z06 Year

A light year, of course, is not really a unit of time, but instead is a unit of distance. (5.88 trillion miles, to be exact—the distance light travels in a year at its amazing, but finite, speed)

A Z06 year is a year spent with what I think is the most amazing car ever made, dollar for dollar. Today is, indeed, one year since I took delivery of my 2016 Corvette Z06. (That fact is absolutely mind-boggling to me!)

I do wonder, though, why I have not driven the car more. I have put about 2,750 miles on the car in a year, only about 230 miles a month. I drove my 2009 BMW Z4 about 295 miles a month and that car was in the shop a lot.

When I am driving the Z06 sometimes I say out loud to myself, “I love this car.” So, why aren’t I driving it more? My wonderful wife and I do travel some, but I still have plenty of days in which to drive the Z06. In all honesty, I don’t really know why I don’t drive the car more. Perhaps advancing age is playing a role.

I will try to enjoy the car more in the future, but as I have written here before I suspect it won’t be until the move to the desert that the Z06 will get a chance to stretch its legs. Of course, I have to show some pics of the car:







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