Marcus Allen, Jennifer Grey And I

We all share the same birth day/year, today and 4 times 15 years ago. Many might say that’s where the similarities end.

Obviously, Marcus Allen and Jennifer Grey are orders of magnitude more famous. A high-ranking New York Yankees executive once told me that anonymity is underrated. Wait a minute…you don’t know who Marcus Allen or Jennifer Grey is?

Allen, a member of both the Pro and College Football Halls of Fame, is the only player to have won the Heisman Trophy, an NCAA national championship, the Super Bowl, and be named NFL MVP and Super Bowl MVP. We actually have something else in common, sort of. He was born and raised in San Diego; I worked for the San Diego Padres and, obviously, lived in San Diego.

Jennifer Grey is probably best known for her role in the movie Dirty Dancing, for which she earned a Golden Globe nomination. I have never seen that movie, but I have seen Ferris Bueller’s Day Off in which she played Ferris’ sister. She is the daughter of Academy Award winner Joel Grey.

I have never seen the movie Almost Famous, but some have told me that phrase could describe me. I know or have known a fair number of famous people, but real fame has eluded me, not that I have made a strong effort to be famous. Here is a list of some of the attendees at my wedding: Lon Babby, the late Jerry Coleman, Theo Epstein, Calvin Hill, Mel Kiper, Gary Roenicke and the late Kevin Towers. My copy of Moneyball is signed by Michael Lewis with a personal “dedication.”  I have worked with Billy Beane and the late Frank Robinson.

I’m sure fame, like virtually everything else in life, is neither all good nor all bad. Sometimes, though, I would like to experience it for myself.


In 1960, its eighth model year, Corvette sales finally cracked the 10,000 mark. (10,261 to be exact.) 1960 was the last year with the older rear deck and the chrome “teeth” on the front grill. From Silodrome a picture of a 1960 Corvette with the auxiliary hardtop in place, which is the way I think these cars look best:


See the source image


Half of these cars were ordered with the auxiliary hardtop (5,147 of 10,261). A little more than seven percent were ordered with the highest output engine, the 290 HP fuel injected 283 cubic-inch V-8. The base price of the car was $3,872. The hardtop option cost $236.75; the highest output engine $484.20.

As I have written before I am not a huge fan of the C1 Corvette. If my wonderful wife and I won $100,000,000+ in a lottery I don’t think we would buy a bunch of older Corvettes. Still, as a Corvette fan I appreciate the significance of the first-generation Vette as it was the one that paved the way.








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  1. Hope 60th was terrific _ and by the way, you’re more famous to me than those other two, for sure.


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