A View To In-N-Out

This was the view from our hotel room in Glendale, Arizona.



What you can’t see are even more parking spaces to the left of the view of this photo. I suspect all of this parking is to accommodate those attending the NFL Arizona Cardinals games and, perhaps to a lesser extent, the NHL Phoenix Coyotes games. The Coyotes play in an arena close by.

Unfortunately, what has happened is that people come to this area at night with their cars for the purpose of drag racing, doing burnouts, etc. Apparently, the Glendale police have little to no interest in stopping these activities.

In all honesty, Glendale—despite its huge population growth—seems like a depressed area. The Westgate Entertainment District adjacent to State Farm Stadium is an attempt at economic development although the majority of its establishments are restaurants.

In general it is the eastern side of the Phoenix metropolitan area that is more vibrant. Glendale is on the west side. Scottsdale is on the east side. Both sides are home to my favorite fast food burger place, In-N-Out. How much do I love In-N-Out? The night before I married, but after the rehearsal dinner, I went to an In-N-Out with the two best men and another friend. I think I even ate my “normal” order, a 4-by-3 with fries and a drink. A 4-by-3 is four hamburger patties and three slices of cheese. Once I learned not to order the spread, a Big Mac-like sauce, I really came to appreciate how good In-N-Out burgers are. Anyway, here is a picture from inside the In-N-Out we visited in Scottsdale on Tuesday the 10th.



It was not really lunch hour as we stopped here well after 1 PM, but the place was mobbed. I don’t know if Arizona has shut down dining in restaurants, but In-N-Out has a drive-thru so they can keep serving the amazing burgers. We currently live well outside the home area of In-N-Out, but hopefully that will change in the near future. Note the simple menu and note that a “4-by-3” isn’t shown anywhere. In the 70-plus years they have been in business, a “secret” menu has developed which regulars soon learn. The menu is not secret, anymore; here is a link to it on In-N-Out’s website.

Another example of how much I love In-N-Out: when my wonderful wife and I returned from our honeymoon we just threw the suitcases in the house, got in the car and drove to the nearest In-N-Out. That was the first time I ever used the phrase “my wife.” When I asked an employee for ketchup I said, “My wife likes ketchup.” We still talk about that to this day.

I would very much like to read if any of you has an affinity for In-N-Out.





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8 thoughts on “A View To In-N-Out

  1. Now I am hungry, and it is not even lunch time yet.. Never have been to an In and Out…maybe some day.


  2. Big, big fan of In-N-Out, just like your blog. Just feasted on bunch of In-N-Outs (No. 2 on menu) during stay in Palm Springs, which has two franchises that I know of. Wish we had some in Minnesota. Keep up great work. Charley.


    1. The estimable Mr. Walters! Thanks for commenting and for the kind words. Wish we had In-N-Out here in the mid-Atlantic. Of course, I might have to run longer on the treadmill every week. 😉


  3. In N Out does make a good burger. I stopped in one in Dallas Texas this past Friday on my cross country drive.Just a double, no cheese (digestive issues) fries and a drink. Last summer we were working in the Baldwin Park area of LA county. Nearby was a replica of the original restaurant. It was tiny compared to what they are now.

    As to the racing/drifting in the parking lot; Perhaps the property owner doesn’t mind and the police attitude is that “well, at least they aren’t in the street”.


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