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I am aware of current world events, but except for this passage it is unlikely I will write about them. I will write, however, that it is disappointing, but not surprising, that most people seem to view what is happening today through the very narrow lens of political ideology.

By the way, if any medical professionals unaffiliated with any government agency are reading I would very much like to read your views, suggestions, etc.


Father Time is undefeated.

Just as I was perplexed and disgusted at the genuflecting shown towards the Patriots before the start of the most recent NFL playoffs, I am mystified by the notion that Tom Brady’s apparent move to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers fatally wounds the Patriots and makes the Buccaneers a Super Bowl contender.

Tom Brady has basically missed 20 games since he became the Patriots starting quarterback. I grant that is not a large sample, but what was New England’s record in those games? How about 14 wins and 6 losses?

Here is another chart to make the point (you didn’t think I was going to stop using charts, did you?!):


2015 38 102.2
2016 39 112.2
2017 40 102.8
2018 41 97.7
2019 42 88.0


Yes, Brady did not have Rob Gronkowski in 2019 and his supporting cast was less than sterling. Still, when do professional athletes improve at age 43? By the way, for November and December combined Brady’s passer rating was just 80.8.

Tom Brady is the most accomplished quarterback in NFL history, but he’s only human. By the way, like most NFL fans outside of New England I am tired of Brady and the Patriots. If both implode in 2020 I won’t be upset.


So, where was I, if anywhere, during the hiatus? See if you can guess:



That last photo contains quite a few hints (duh…). Here’s one more:



My wonderful wife and I were, indeed, in Arizona for much of my writing hiatus. We spent most of four days at the Mecum Auction which was conducted as scheduled.

Although I was not well for the entire trip (and am still not well…don’t worry, Lon, I’m not contagious) we had a great time. We spent quality time with Scott Hoke and John Kraman, hosts of the Mecum broadcasts on NBCSN. We had a nice encounter with Katie Osborne, who is also on the telecasts. You think she looks good on TV? In person she is drop-dead gorgeous and could not have been nicer to us.

The docket on Wednesday the 11th (can’t believe that’s already a week ago) was weakened by a collection of “cinema cars” that were sold at no reserve. Most of them were in poor condition and some hammered for under $1,000. I think, though, that Mecum collects a minimum fee so that even if a car sells for less than $1,000 its commissions are based on a sale price of $1,000.

We did see a lot of amazing cars, though, like the 1964 Studebaker R2 Gran Turismo Hawk shown above. My obsession with making order out of chaos leads me to pick one car as my favorite.



From the Mecum listing:



  • Custom build completed at J&M Enterprizes at Brooksville, Florida
  • Fuel injected LS3/525 HP V-8 engine
  • Dual exhaust
  • Aluminum radiator
  • 4L80E automatic transmission
  • Street Shop Inc. mandrel-formed rolling chassis
  • Corvette C7 suspension
  • 4-corner coilover shocks
  • Detroit Speed rack and pinion steering
  • C7 Z06 brake system
  • Black with Red stinger hood
  • Custom Red interior
  • Air conditioning
  • Power windows
  • AM/FM radio
  • Side exhaust
  • Tinted glass


Although I might prefer a metallic teal/gray exterior color with the red stinger hood, this 1965 Corvette is about as close to what I would want in a restomod as I have ever seen. The car did not sell, though, despite a high bid of $180,000. That is a reminder why I purchased my 2016 Z06 almost a year ago. (!) Yes, the front fenders and stinger hood are from a ’67. With a restomod I don’t care about matching parts.

Anyway, I am back and will probably resume regular posting. What’s life without a little mystery?








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8 thoughts on “Wednesday Return

  1. Good to see you back. I’m on a plane at the moment on my way to San Diego to pick up my latest auction win, F-350 diesel dually. This is actually my 18th auction win.
    The drive home might prove “interesting “ with restaurants and bars all closing, except for drive thru or delivery. While this Kung Flu IS dangerous, I think many are over reacting, given the mortality rate of the regular flu. Hope things get back to normal, whatever normal is.

    Glad you had a good time at the auction. Did you bid on anything?


    1. Very glad to hear from you, sir.

      I think people are overreacting, which is not to say it should be business as usual, either. In this polarized country most people either have one extreme view or the other.

      Until we move to Arizona it would not be prudent to buy a car that will have to stay outside and then have to be moved across the country. I would have loved to bid on any one of the three Gran Turismo Hawks offered although at $33,000 all in the ’64 R2 Hawk was too rich for my blood.


  2. If we’re being totally honest, Tampa signed Brady to sell tickets (there has already been a surge). The Florida NFL franchises are certainly among the 5 weakest in the league in terms of attendance. In addition to being 43 on Opening Day 2020 (if the games start on time), his arm strength is below average, and he is not very mobile (2 things that Jameis Winston, with all of his faults, have going for him). If he is not well-protected, he will add little to the Bucs offense. They were 7-9 in 2018; I’d be surprised if they do better than 8-8 in 2020.


    1. Dr. Zal! I agree that part of the motivation for Tampa Bay signing Brady is to pump up interest for a franchise that has not made the playoffs in a long time.


  3. Of course most GMs in sport are privy to lots of intel the mere fan never knows. Still, I wonder if Brady/Patriots keeping relatively quiet about the potential of his moving didn’t drastically reduce the available landing spots. I mean, it seemed a lot of QBs moved this season, and I tend to think had Brady made it known he was moving earlier, he likely isn’t a Buc today. I’d think other options would have opened up.

    Then again, I can see where there’s reasons to go to Tampa… from weather to taxes to the fact that Brady now has some built-in excuses (good ATL and NO teams, TB hasn’t had a winning season in years).

    Good to see you posting again!


    1. Thanks, sir. Having worked in major league baseball front offices for 20+ years it is true that top-level decision makers have access to info few others have. It is also true that these decision makers are only human and far from perfect. I remain skeptical about Brady at age 43, but I’m not perfect, either.

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