Toothsome Tuesday

After yesterday’s huge stock market selloff does anyone still wonder why I wrote the following in this post? (No, I didn’t look at the equity market futures before writing yesterday.)



I don’t think I believe in karma. HOWEVER, my memory, as good as it may be it is still the selective memory of the human, remembers multiple times when my bragging seems to have led to my misfortune.



History strongly suggests that market selloffs prompted by fears of disease like the coronavirus are usually short-lived and, therefore, usually buying opportunities. The only problem is knowing whether the markets will be spooked for a month or three months or some other time period.


Posts like this echo a sentiment I have held for a long time: why doesn’t the Corvette have active aero? In case you don’t know what active aero is, or even if you do, it is the ability of an automobile to deploy aerodynamic systems, like rear wings, without a direct human command to do so. In other words, a car will be able to sense its speed and raise a rear wing in order to get more downforce.

The Mitsubishi 3000 GT had this feature in the 1990s along with four-wheel steering, I might add. With the adoption of a 48-volt electrical system in the C8 Corvette, one would think an active aero system would not be too difficult to execute.



From this article published in 2017 is a picture of a McLaren 720S with active aero. Since it seems that the move to a mid-engine layout is so that the Corvette can compete with cars like the McLaren it’s a bit odd the C8 does not have active aero. Of course, that could be a system that will be available in a Z06 or ZR1 variant to be introduced in the near future.


See the source image


In keeping with the meaning of toothsome, here is a picture from Wikipedia of perhaps my single favorite dish in the world: chocolate mousse. The only time I can recall being under the influence of alcohol is the time when I ordered this dish as dessert after lunch not knowing this restaurant used strong chocolate liqueur to make their mousse. I felt different than I had ever felt before and asked the waitress if there was any liqueur in the mousse. When she said yes I realized I was under the influence. I waited at the restaurant for 40-45 minutes before I drove back to work. Fortunately, I was working for the Orioles and didn’t have to account for every minute of my workday.

Does toothsome only apply to savory dishes? Too bad, I’m applying it to sweets.








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2 thoughts on “Toothsome Tuesday

  1. Like tonight, I read yesterdays post at a late hour. My first thought was that you had to have posted that quite early in the morning. I suspect that some of my holdings in the market have taken a beating also. Luckily I also own real estate, Grand daddy told me many years ago to buy it because “they’re not making any more of it”. So far, that has been a sound decision. I see myself probably selling one a year, rental properties, starting next year as I will then be on my 64th trip around the sun.

    The other day I stated that I had bought 18 vehicles online. I miscounted and it’s actually 17, 3 trucks, 5 motorcycles and 9 cars. However I’m currently bidding on a vehicle out of California, so I might make it to 18.


    1. As I have written in the blog, my sleep is erratic. Very often, though, I am up early.

      As our portfolio is 44% fixed income and cash the large selloff doesn’t hurt our portfolio as much as it would with a higher allocation to stocks. I am not ready to buy this dip, though, as no one really knows how long the coronavirus will affect markets.


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