Frugal Friday 8

Obviously, I have written far more than seven previous Frugal Friday posts. (The actual number is close to 40.) This is the eighth post with the title of Frugal Friday without any embellishment.

Although I am not strictly a devotee of just one make or one country of origin, my automotive net is still not that large. As I have written many times, I have no interest in SUVs or pickup trucks as objects of affection. I have next to no interest in four-door sedans, apart from the occasional Rover P5B.

I like two-door cars that look good to me and have at least decent performance, even if not a performer like my Corvette Z06. However, as cars like that are not being made in large numbers anymore, my universe of interest shrinks in comparison to the auto world at large.

It might seem as if this car appears way too often on Disaffected Musings, but it hasn’t been featured in a Frugal Friday post for almost a year. (This is also the first post with this specific year/model tag.) Here is a 1993 Cadillac Allante:



This car, with 89,000+ miles, is listed on Hemmings with an asking price of $8,500. I passed on some 1989-93 Allantes priced even lower because I am not a fan of cars with white exteriors.

1993 was the last year for the Allante and the only year it was equipped with a 295 HP/290 LB-FT of torque NorthStar V-8. Cadillac produced 4,670 Allantes for model year 1993, which was actually more than the combined number for 1991 and 1992. In fact, 1993 was the best-selling year for the car that was produced from 1987 to 1993. At this distance, it’s not clear why the car was discontinued at that particular time even though it had been a major disappointment from the beginning. By the way, the MSRP for a 1993 Allante was $61,675, $110,106 in 2020 dollars according to this site.

Scarcity doesn’t guarantee future value. The Allante has sunk to the bottom of the depreciation curve and stayed there. While one man’s meat is another man’s poison, for me this car is almost the definition of good value in a collector car. The body was designed and built by the legendary Pininfarina, designer of so many Ferrari bodies. It’s not such an old car that service would be especially difficult. It is certainly less expensive to service a Cadillac than a Ferrari. Of course, I think the Allante is stunning in appearance and always have.

If it weren’t a “fail” as a grocery car, an Allante might very well have been the car I would have chosen as my Z06 companion. No, I am not thinking about a companion for my companion.






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2 thoughts on “Frugal Friday 8

  1. The Allante wasn’t a bad idea or even a bad car. It suffered so much from the rep Cadillac’s errors created that decade. The 8-6-4 V8, the Cimarron, the HT4100, the FWD-ing and downsizing of the Fleetwood and DeVille lines (not an error, but certainly turned many traditional Caddy buyers away).
    The Allante was an expensive undertaking, shipping bodies across the ocean and all. I’m not even sure what GM was thinking, other than “we want a Mercedes SL-type car”. But how did it fit in that lineup? I’d think the Eldo and Seville pretty much satisfied the Cadillac buyer with Euro leanings. It shared virtually nothing with other GM cars? Except of course the Northstar engine (which had it’s own legendary issues in the early going).
    To this day, a mere mention the Allante gets eyerolls and words of warning from the Caddy folks I know. Not without reason… if you have to have one (or most any other High Technology or Northstar engined car) it has to have been meticulously maintained by the previous owners. Otherwise it’s a pricey endeavour. Sad because many of them are really very nice cars.

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    1. Well said, sir. The Allante was far more a failure of execution than of design. The cross-Atlantic production line didn’t help as the car was overpriced at least partly due to the production process.

      Yes, GM seemed to screw the pooch a lot in those days. Some say that hasn’t really changed much.

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