8.5 Percent

At today’s end 2020 will already be 8.5 percent in the books. For me, January of 2020 may be the fastest month ever and that’s not something that makes me too happy. It is what it is, though.


Some C8 Corvette news:

This post from carbonhans.blog is about the extremely positive reaction to the new Vette when it was unveiled at the Tokyo Auto Salon. Remember that the C8 will be the first Corvette to be offered with right-hand drive and that in Japan, like in the UK and Australia, cars are driven on the left side of the road and almost all cars have right-hand drive.

A picture from this post:



Deliveries of the Corvette to Japan will begin in early 2021. At present American cars comprise only two percent of the Japanese market. The Genuine Corvette Black Book has data for Corvette sales in Japan for a few years. Here is a chart of that data:


1985 33 0.08%
1986 20 0.06%
1987 25 0.08%
1988 59 0.26%
1989 110 0.42%
1990 176 0.74%
1991 187 0.91%
1992 85 0.42%
1993 121 0.56%
1994 79 0.34%


I have no idea why the Black Book only shows those years for sales to Japan. Using “reverse math” (applying the American market share in the Japanese auto market as the Japanese share of the Corvette market), if Japan accounts for two percent of Corvette sales by, say, 2023, and production continues at about 40,000 per year, then annual Corvette sales there would be about 800 a year. Japan has never even reached one percent of total Corvette sales, at least based on this data, and has never purchased as many as 200 Corvettes for a given model year. However, the reaction at the Tokyo Auto Salon gives Chevrolet/GM hope that the car will reach new heights in market share in Japan. I can’t imagine that the decision to make the C8 available in right-hand drive was done on a whim.


This post from Corvette Blogger states that some stages of production of the C8 have begun although the process is not quite at full speed, yet. The author of the post, Jeremy Welborn, goes into extensive detail about the production process. If you want to read all of that then please feel free to click on the link to his article. He says that the answer as to whether the C8 has begun production is both yes and no. He also guesses that the first production 2020 Corvette will roll off the assembly line on…Monday, February 3, 2020. That’s just three days away, folks!



While I don’t think this is will happen in the next week or two, I would very much appreciate those of you who see a C8 “in the wild” letting us know. Thanks.






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