Not Enough and Too Many

If I am to be honest I am not enjoying the Barrett-Jackson broadcasts from Scottsdale as much as I usually do. One reason is not enough Cristy Lee, as in none at all. As mentioned here she is absent from this auction without any real explanation.

In addition there are simply too many restomods (yes, I wrote that), too many pickup trucks and too many Mustangs/Shelbys for my taste. Yes, I can be accused of too many Corvettes and too many Studebakers, but it takes 3 to 7 minutes to read one of my posts. The Barrett-Jackson telecasts will cover 36 hours over 6 days.

Granting that over 1,900 lots are being offered, 115-120 Mustangs/Shelbys (that’s what I counted) are too many. As much as I love Corvettes I am not crazy about Mecum having some auctions where 10 percent of the lots are Corvettes.

I know that auction companies are at the mercy of consignors and buyers. I still think the companies should strive to offer more variety.


I think we are seeing more cars like this at auctions and we’ll see even more:


1986 TOYOTA SUPRA - Front 3/4 - 237075


From Barrett-Jackson a 1986 Toyota Supra that cost $5,500, all in, on Monday the 13th, which was the first day of the auction. Some “experts” recommend staying away from bargain cars at auctions like this because the odds are high the cars are fraught with issues. To quote Einstein, “Not everything that counts can be counted and not everything that can be counted counts.” Even if you have to put some money in this car, for example, after purchase it’s still much less expensive than the average new vehicle. In my opinion, it’s also better looking and more interesting than the endless parade of SUVs, pickup trucks and mono-styled cars being offered today.


So as not to be strictly a negative person I can write that the Barrett-Jackson website and mobile app are much improved. Searching is easier and both experiences are much quicker.

An update to the Rivieras…three have been sold in Scottsdale with two hammering at $22,000 and one at $25,000. I think these prices are slightly higher than one has to pay for a ’63-’65 Riv.


Here is an interesting car, IMO, from Tuesday the 14th:



This is a 1957 Lincoln Premiere which sold for $12,650 all in. According to the copy this car was part of a museum collection and was on display for more than 20 years.

If one thinks of Lincoln at all for these years it’s the magnificent Continental Mark II, which technically was not a Lincoln, that garners the attention. Still, this Premiere is quite stylish, IMO.


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I’m probably not posting tomorrow as I assume almost everyone’s attention will be focused on the conference championship games.


8 thoughts on “Not Enough and Too Many

  1. As you know by now I’m (to put it mildly) not enamored with Resto-Mod cars. So a tip of the hat to you for your comment “there are simply too many restomods (yes, I wrote that)” ! 🎩 😊
    Case in point – this car which is at that Barrett-Jackson auction:

    That is a nice ’57 Lincoln – they grafted styling cues from the Futura show car onto the ’57 Lincolns. The car you show certainly has quintessential mid-’50s colors! So much better than everything being bland and grey as is the case today. I’m not as well versed in Lincolns as I am Packards and Studebakers but I think the flamingo pink on this car being on the fins is not correct. I think the black would have extended to the fins with the flamingo staying below the horizontal chrome trim. (A fast internet search didn’t prove me right or wrong on this point … I would be happy to be proved wrong …) In any case, it is a fine looking – and rarely seen – ’57 Lincoln.


  2. I had an 84 Celica which you drove in the day of the pop up slide. Was it the Celica Supra or are they completely different cars?


  3. I agree too many restomods for my liking.. I found it interesting that an old unrestored Mustang 3.4 mil. Outsold a new Corvette 3 mil. Just saying..


  4. For the first time in many, maybe 12 years?, I haven’t followed Barrett Jackson this year. Not sure why as I like at least 75% of the offerings.I guess it’s just burnout. Kinda the same way with Bring a Trailer. Used to be on it every day, “bought” 2 cars there, but it’s changed in the last 2-3 years.
    Or maybe I’m just turning into a grumpy old f&rt.


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