Saturday Serenade

From Dave Brubeck via The Muscleheaded Blog:

“The secret of a great melody is a secret.”

Sorry, but the embedded audio file is not of Dave Brubeck.


Don’t let people without genuine authority tell you how to live your life. In the end, and as selfish as this may sound, your life belongs to you and to you alone. You may choose to share your life, but it should never belong to anyone else. The only exceptions for me are if you are the parent of a young child or are the caregiver for someone who is unable to take care of themselves.















What do you think of the looks of this?


1995 Fiat Barchetta


From this Hagerty piece a picture of a 1995 Fiat Barchetta, Type 183. The article is about seven cars that will be able to be imported into the US without restriction (except for the People’s Republic of California) in 2020 because the cars are now 25 years old. It’s not this car’s performance that intrigues me, but to quote Hagerty, “The performance is not the point, though—just look at it!” I mean, Wow!





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4 thoughts on “Saturday Serenade

  1. Thank you for the musical interlude while I was reading the rest of your blog post!

    OK – what do the letters represent? I didn’t figure this one out …

    I really like the looks of that FIAT Barchetta (little boat). The Italians DO have a way with style … For example, an Alfa-Romeo GTV to my eye looks as good today as it did 30 years ago. Being an increasingly reluctant resident of The Peoples Republic of Calizuela I am not the least surprised that FIAT won’t be allowed.


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