OCD For The Holidays

I wasn’t going to post today or tomorrow, almost no one reads blogs on these days, but can you say OCD? I can rationalize this post by saying I am trying to reach a certain number of views for the month or a “milestone” in number of visitors since the beginning of this blog. Both are nominally true, and it’s also true that more people read Disaffected Musings on days I post, but I am just compelled to write. Reminds me of a line from the movie Throw Momma From The Train…Billy Crystal plays a frustrated writer who teaches a writing class. His character often says, “A writer writes, always” to motivate his students although the line is also an indication of his dissatisfaction with life.


Speaking of dissatisfaction, I have to admit that December 23rd is actually not a pleasant day for me. If you didn’t read yesterday’s post, December 23rd, 1987 was the day I was offered my first full-time job in baseball. While I achieved a lot in my 20+ years in baseball, such as becoming a “father” of Moneyball and earning two championship rings with my name on them, I have been out of the game for almost a decade. I did not really leave of my own accord.

People do not judge life events by an “objective reality,” but against expectations and the status quo.


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I have been re-watching the Mecum Auction broadcast from Phoenix that I recorded in March. I saved the episode for many reasons, but one was the amazing group of cars offered for sale. This picture from curbsideclassic.com is a 1955 Chrysler Ghia ST Special. One of these, one of just four that were made, was offered at that auction. The Mecum car was in brown and white, not my favorite colors for a car although it still looked great. The car was bid to $450,000, but not sold.

In green the car does bear a resemblance to the Continental Mark II of 1956-57, which I also think is a handsome car. I REALLY have come to understand why people have car collections. I am also still figuring out how I can get into the car business, somehow. Hey, Dana Mecum! I know someone with a great combination of analytical and communication skills who wants to write and to crunch numbers for your company!

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6 thoughts on “OCD For The Holidays

  1. Always good to write. I find it useful to create a schedule of weekly posts and write them in advance. They publish on schedule (as long as I keep writing ahead.) The only thing I have to be careful of is referencing dates or events that haven’t happened yet or that are in the past when the article finally publishes. >grin<


  2. When you find the secret of getting into the car biz, let me know please! I’ve been dabbling with the idea of getting involved with one of the museums in some capacity, aside from just going to vintage car shows and cruises.


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