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It’s twenty days until 2020. I wish I could find some solace in that symmetry of numbers. My mood is usually more depressed than usual at this time of year and I believe it’s because I see the end of a year that will never return, one fewer opportunity to achieve something of note or of real and lasting satisfaction.



That is an admittedly less than sharp picture of the full moon taken early this morning. (I will never have skills like photobyjohnbo. Besides, I was really cold and didn’t want to stay outside any longer than necessary, even to take this picture.) Like many people I used to stay up late and sleep late. Now, I don’t sleep as many hours per day and enjoy waking up before sunrise.


I wish I could believe this Hagerty article titled, “Don’t believe the hype, car enthusiasm is safe with the next generation.” Here is the first paragraph:


“It’s 10 p.m. Do you know where your children are? Most likely, they’re right upstairs, awake to the cool blue glow of a screen. They could be keeping up with an Instagram celebrity you’ve never heard of, or they might be texting with a friend about a text from another friend (multiple studies confirm kids prefer messaging to actual conversation). The Economist, among others, reports today’s kids are remarkably socially conservative, so perhaps they’re just doing homework.”


Here is another paragraph later in the piece:


“These days, we typically talk about the Woodward Avenues of America in the context of our automotive past. Young people, the popular thinking goes, can’t be bothered with cars. They’re too obsessed with their phones, their Instagram feeds, and their avocado toast. But it seems no one’s told the skinny kid in a hopped-up Neon SRT4, the sound of its overboost ricocheting off the concrete overpass at the Woodward and Eight Mile intersection, that he’s supposed to be inside staring at his iPhone. Or the guy in his Pontiac G8 with a ‘not stock, not stock’ idle.”


So, what do you think? I suspect the demographic of Disaffected Musings readers skews older than the nationwide median. Do you care what happens to the car hobby in the next 10-20 years? Do you sense genuine interest in automobiles among younger people?


A car like the one shown below has appeared in at least two episodes of Iron Resurrection on Motor Trend. My understanding is that the show will return for its fourth season beginning in January. When they are working on cars in which I have interest I usually enjoy watching. When they are working on pickup trucks or motorcycles, I don’t watch.

For the most part the crew seems likeable although to me, and I know this aspect could be a creation of the show’s producer(s), Shorty doesn’t really seem like a nice person. Of course, Amanda Martin is very easy on the eyes. Anyway…


See the source image


From Barrett-Jackson a picture of a 1966 Chevrolet Nova SS. I think the ’66-’67 Nova is a smart, handsome design. About 36,000 Novas with V-8 engines were produced in 1966 with about 16,000 of those being SS models.

This car, which weighed only about 2,900 pounds with a V-8, could be purchased with a 327 cubic-inch engine that produced 350 HP/360 LB-FT of torque. That wouldn’t be a bad power-to-weight ratio even today. I don’t think the 327/350 HP engine was available with an automatic transmission.

If I had a nine-figure net worth I might buy a car like this. Even at two letters, “if” might be the biggest word in the English language.






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  1. Iron Resurrection is not one of my favorite car shows… mainly due to the types of vehicles they work on and I do like pickup trucks, don’t care for motorcycles that much, though. I found your comment about Amanda a little odd, but I agree with you… she is attractive in a more down to earth way, not a typical beauty queen, but almost more her manner… I really do like her. Motor Trend TV hasn’t been on my list much lately. For a while they were doing the old Top Gear episodes, the only ones I’ll watch with Clarkson, May, and Hammond. I like Junkyard Empire a lot… Andy and his dad are fun to watch. Anyway… back to your subject… these kids and their rice burners can be annoying, but, they are keeping the interest in cars alive. I probably should be more grateful for them. They can be pretty cocky, but, not long ago I blew one away in my 911S and he was appreciative… understood he’d been outclassed and, maybe, someday would upgrade to a less annoying mode of transport….ha, ha.


    1. Thanks for the thoughtful comment. I watch Motor Trend less frequently than in the past. Don’t care for the “outlaw dragster” shows like Fastest Cars in the Dirty South (TERRIBLE name for a TV show, IMO) or shows like Roadkill. I don’t like the “Celebrity Pimpmobile” shows like RMD Garage or Inside West Coast Customs.

      I really liked FantomWorks and still watch Bitchin’ Rides and Wheeler Dealers depending on the vehicle. The world of car enthusiasts is fairly broad and I doubt many people like every show on Motor Trend.

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