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On this day 15 years ago (!) the first episode of House, M.D. aired. Almost always referred to simply as House, it is my favorite TV show ever. Scarily, it has almost been as long since the last original episode aired in May, 2012 as the time between the first and last episodes.

Although the show was a medical drama and, indeed, had some moments of real tension, it also had some of the most humorous moments ever. It contained much wittier humor than what passes for comedy in today’s so-called sitcoms.

Hugh Laurie portrayed the title character. His performances, to borrow Tom Landry’s description of Randy White, ranged from spectacular to spectacular. He had to speak in a foreign accent (Laurie is British, but the character was American), while walking with a limp and a cane, while reciting complicated medical jargon, while appearing in the majority of scenes and while having to pull off this medical drama interspersed with sarcastic humor.

I have always liked medical shows, either drama or “reality.” I loved ER, for example; well, at least for the first six seasons. I like Untold Stories of the ER and Mystery Diagnosis. House, however, was in a different league than any other show I’ve ever watched. Here are some memorable lines from the show, all uttered by Dr. House:


– People do not change. For example, I keep saying, “People do not change.”

– If you do not want a sarcastic answer then do not ask a stupid question.

– People don’t get what they deserve; they just get what they get. There’s nothing any of us can do about it.

– What I find hard to believe is the general concept of belief; faith is not based on logic or experience.

– The brain, we all have one. The difference: some use it, others do not.

– There is only one thing worse than stupid people, stupid people who do not know they are stupid.

– Everything is conditional. We just don’t know what the conditions are.

An exchange between Dr. House and his only real friend, Dr. Wilson:

Dr. Wilson: That smugness of yours really is an attractive quality.

Dr. House: Thank you. It was either that or get my hair highlighted. Smugness is easier to maintain.


Of course, without context I can’t really convey how effective the show’s dialogue was. Anyway, I will show a picture (“courtesy” of FanPop and of the original cast of House and then bid you adieu for the day.


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