Frugal Friday and Goodbye, Twitter

After thinking about doing so for a couple of months I deleted my Twitter account yesterday. With the exception of two days, the platform was useless in driving traffic to this blog in the 14 months I was “on” Twitter, which was the only reason I established the account in the first place.

I will miss not being able to communicate with people like Dominic Chu of CNBC, but I will not miss the large number of Twitter users whom I call Twidiots. Excessive profanity is the refuge of ignorance and lends no credence to one’s position. Making statements without facts to back those statements proves nothing. Oh, people in America can no longer spell worth a damn.


My wonderful wife suggested today’s car for Frugal Friday. It was a car she owned and drove without incident for six years.

The fellows of the original Top Gear named this car as the worst car in the history of the world. Top Gear was entertaining at times, but like many car show hosts, the boys forget that people live in the real world, that the price of the car matters to 99% of the population and that reliability is important.

Without further ado:


Used 2003 Lexus SC 430 Convertible SYKESVILLE, MD 21784 - 532622115 - 3


From this AutoTrader ad a picture of a 2003 Lexus SC 430. The story of how my wonderful wife wound up buying a car like this (a 2006 model purchased new in March of 2007) is very interesting, but I’ll save it for another day.

This car rode with a smoothness unmatched by any other car she had ever driven and with a 4.3 liter/262 cubic-inch V-8 producing 288 HP/317 LB-FT of torque the car was not slow. The SC430 did not give her one day of trouble in the six-plus years my wonderful wife owned it.

The SC430 pictured above has about 51,000 miles and is being offered at $13,995. My wife’s 2006 model stickered at about $67,000, but because it was a new 2006 still unsold in March of 2007 she received a significant discount from MSRP.

If owning a reliable convertible that is not a slug appeals to you then you could do a lot worse than buy a used SC430. Remember that Lexus finishes at the top of the JD Power Vehicle Dependability Study almost every year and was recently named the most reliable car brand in America by Consumer Reports.





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3 thoughts on “Frugal Friday and Goodbye, Twitter

  1. I salute you for bailing out of that cesspool known as Twitter! • You are exactly right about people no longer being able to spell. We can thank “educators” who are more concerned with instilling political correctness and trashing our country’s founding than in providing students with the tools to succeed in life, including proper spelling and good grammar.


    1. Fack Fucebook is awash in banality, but is actually a dangerous force. Twitter is less vapid, but filled with shrillness and people reaching far beyond their actual grasp.


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